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Oct 21 2020

Top 5 Best Home Planetariums for 2021

People have walked on the surface of the moon, sent probes out to outer space and planets and still continue to study the amazing outer space because its captivating wonder cannot be fathomed. And this is why others created the planetariums to bring the experience closer to our home. What...

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Oct 09 2020

Travel Among the Stars: An In-Depth Star Projector Buying Guide

“Space…. the final frontier”. Perhaps the most famous words that made us dream of traveling among the stars and discovering new worlds. For others, the borderless space of the Universe is just an ocean of emptiness. No matter how we consider it, it’s hard to deny the fascination, mystery, and...

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Sep 30 2020

Best Gift Ideas That Are Always Appreciated

Finding that special gift for friends, family or the loved one can be hard — but it doesn't have to be that difficult. Even if everyone has their own quirks and interests, before you reach for the coffee maker, Starbucks gift card, or just throw some cash in a card,...

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Sep 23 2020

Gift Season Is Around the Corner: Fancy Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is coming! And like it or not, this year it will be different from all that we used to know. That’s why, maybe more than ever, it’s time to look for the best Christmas gift ideas that will make your loved ones happy. Stressed about the time? Don’t worry!...

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Aug 26 2020

Creative Uses For Your Galaxy Lamps

Did you know your Galaxy Lamp can be used for more than just a decor piece? Besides being the perfect gift for the stargazer in your life, there are some other very practical uses for a Galaxy Lamp. Today, we will look at a few creative uses for your preferred...

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Jul 23 2020

An In-Depth Moon Lamp™ Buying Guide

At Galaxy Lamps, we share a common love for all things intergalactic, from the brightest stars to the glowing moon and the awe-inspiring planets that orbit Earth. To show our appreciation for the galaxy, we have created our original and extraordinary Moon Lamp™. This innovative lamp is designed to resemble...

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