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Easter is the first long weekend of the year that comes to rescue you from the seemingly never ending busy schedule after the New Year and the harsh weather between January and February. It’s already spring and this brings out something fresh in everyone, and often this marks the period of being together with your loved ones again and to exchange Easter gifts.

And this year, especially after putting the previous year’s situation into consideration, it’s time for more creative Easter gifts as opposed to the usual exhausted Easter eggs and baskets only.

It’s time to shed the heavy coats and instead enjoy the flowers, rides in the park and do everything else that you couldn’t do lately.



Why do we give gifts on Easter?

It’s honestly different strokes for different folks, however, Easter is a Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It marks a time to celebrate renewal. And the Easter gifts are simply meant to show that you celebrate a renewal of love or various types of relationships.

It also coincided with some pagan traditions that happened during the same time of spring hence the basket, eggs and the bunny, but either way, it means renewal. 

And as for those Easter gifts, here is a unique list that includes something for everyone on your list. It’s handpicked and curated for the most unique and creative Easter gifts for kids, for  teens and all the way to the adults. It’s a compilation of Easter gifts that has style and chicness aiming to surprise everyone. 

So, without much ado, here they are:


1.     The Galaxy Projector

Best Easter Gift Galaxy Projector


If you have a loved one that loves to lie down under stars then give them a vacation feeling with this Galaxy Projector. Because it’s just the device to have them floating among the stars and galaxies from the comfort of their home. And for such an affordable bargain. 

This Galaxy Projector is a trend setter based on top notch technology that will give your loved one a feature filled experience.

Some of its distinctive features include smart app integration that allows you to control it from any smart device. The only thing required is to install the app from either the App Store or Google Play and then sync it with the device via WI-FI. 

This will unlock all the exciting features and it will ensure absolute convenience of use. You will win a myriad of  brownie points from your loved one.


After the sync and set up which is required only once, they can voice-control the Galaxy Projector via Alexa or Google Assistance. This excellent Easter gift for adults as well as kids comes with the brightness control option. They can choose how bright they want the stars to shine. They also get to choose the color or colors of projection from the RGB dial, with an option of using up to 3 colors simultaneously.

This home planetarium has a 360° rotating dynamic projection with the option of picking the rotation speed. This allows the user to customize their use according to different needs or mood. And speaking of customizing, it allows you to save all your favorite starry scenes for future use, so you do not need to redo it again, on top of this, you can set the timer for when you want your preferred setting to shine.

Other great features include the on and off setting which will come in handy when you buy this as an Easter gift to help your loved one sleep better.

This projector comes in two variants that you can pick from. There is the Galaxy Projector and the much requested Galaxy Projector Blue Star

The Galaxy Projector Blue Stars is a slightly different version. The only difference is in the color of stars projected. So, if your loved one doesn’t like green stars, you can get them the blue stars and they will cherish you forever. 

Plus both projectors have an incredibly high projection quality like you’ve not seen anywhere. So, turn your loved one’s room into a real galaxy with these Galaxy Projectors as the one of the best Easter gifts and give them a dreamscape of starry space to help them relax and unwind. 



2.     LED Levitating Moon Lamp

 LEd LEvitating Moon Lamp

This spring stun your love with this lamp that totally refuses to touch the ground, just like the real moon itself. This incredibly realistic LED Moon Lamp that levitates midair makes for one of the most breathtaking Easter gifts of all time.  

It’s a 3D printed lamp that gives the softest glow as it elegantly hovers over a magnetic base with a consistency as charming and dreamlike as our natural satellite.  Here are just a few reasons why this enchanting lamp is one of the best Easter gifts:

First is that it uses authentic photography and visuals from NASA satellites and fuses that with advanced 3D technology to accurately represent the surface of the moon with a stunning accuracy including the craters.  Secondly, it charges wirelessly meaning zero worry about cables. 


So, if you are looking for ambience light to help your kids marvel their way to sleep, then this is one of the best Easter gifts for toddlers as you won’t worry about cables, cords or anything that would clutter their precious space. 

At this point, it’s also important to say that this lamp is very safe, Galaxy Lamps has used 100% eco-friendly ABS material, meaning they are safe for your loved ones to use even throughout the night. They emit little to no heat and aren’t prone to breaking. It has an easy touch on/off button.

Other features include the fact that this lamp gravitates so silently and it can also be carried from place to place allowing for maximum convenience. It creates a great atmosphere with its gentle glow and can accentuate moods beautifully.

This Lamp also has a variant that doesn’t levitate: The Moon Lamp.


The Moon Lamp


Easter gift for adults Moon Lamp


This is just like the Levitating Moon Lamp except for a few features. It magnificently sits on a stylish wooden base and comes in 2 colors. A yellowish glow and a cooler glow, it also has adjustable brightness with 3 different lighting modes. It charges for about 2 hours (comes with a USB cord) and can stay working for up to 8 hours.

 Besides this, the quality is as good as that of the Levitating Moon Lamp because they have used the same patented design that’s guided by authentic NASA satellite photos. These lamps are trending because besides their lighting function, they are unique decorative pieces with an attractive visual interest that helps create a relaxing environment.

Where Can I Buy Easter Gifts Listed Above? Here Galaxy Lamps


3.     Garden Bracelet Watch


Bracelet Watch

For decades, finding women vintage time accessories that had both functionality and style was like pulling two polars together. It was virtually impossible. But today, this list brings you one of the best Easter gifts for ladies: a gorgeous rose gold watch with a bouquet they can wear this spring.

The thing that makes it stand out is how they have fused soft purple hues on the dial with the dark slim navy strap to give it a versatility that makes it perfect for both casual and professional wear. This watch also has a  rose gold-plated casing with an option of picking other colors offered.

This would make for an ideal Easter gift for any woman in your life including your mother, sister, daughter, wife or even girlfriend. And it will add a luxurious feeling to any woman that wears it.



4.      Mood 24-Piece Flatware Set

Mood 24-Piece Flatware Set


If luxury was an object, this would be it. Here is one of the most deluxe Easter gifts for someone who doesn’t mind spending a little more for the ones they love. This Christofle’s extravagant Easter egg designed casing contains six complete silver plated flatware sets.

It comes in a stainless steel container designed in the shape of an egg. And this concept elegantly and ever so loudly in style adorns any counter or table it’s placed on. It’s a very unique way of Easter gifting without necessarily having the eggs but with a subtle representation.



5.      Peter Rabbit Child's Enamel Dish Set

Peter Rabbit Child's Enamel Dish Set

An Easter gifts list would not be complete if it didn’t feature unique Easter gifts for kids. Your little bunnies need  to know some-honey loves them, and what better way to remind them than with this rabbit themed set of their own little size?

It features a pretty little mug, a dinner plate and a bowl, all of their size. They are hand dipped in enamel and crafted using traditional methods to give them that durable smooth and natural feel. You’ll soon be their new favorite person with this Easter holiday gift.



6.      Cuisinart Egg Central Egg Cooker

Egg Central Egg Cooker

Still keeping with the Easter theme in subtle ways, here is one of the most unique Easter gifts for adults that may not have great skills in the kitchen but still love to try out new things anyway. If that person can’t boil an egg, this is their lucky holiday. This egg cooker will boil the eggs, poach them and even make omelets.

It can cook up to 10 eggs in a shell to either hard boiled, medium or soft boiled using a 600watt heater. It can poach up to 4 eggs at a go, and also has an omelet tray that can do up to 3 eggs. This kitchen motivator has a brushed stainless steel cover, an audible alert and a blue LED indicator and also has a standby feature. It really does make one want to try out different egg recipes this Easter.



7.      Round Metal Sun Glasses

Round Metal Sun GlassesThe gentlemen are not left out in this Easter gifts selection. And it is true that men tend to be forgotten on many occasions as far as gifting is concerned. It’s also true that it can be hard to shop for people that love to stick to their jeans and a plain t-shirt and sneakers no matter what’s in their wardrobe.

With that said, there is a way to fix this for the special gentleman in your life this Easter.

These round trendy sunglasses are just the way to shake up that culture of comfort in order to help him stand out from the rest of the pack this spring.

It’s a great accessory to step out to enjoy the fresh blooms and brighter days. They are vintage and are making a huge comeback because everyone is tired of the same old box shaped sunglasses. The beauty is that they would make for great Easter gifts for teens as well as older men. They’re great on pretty everyone.



8.       Fusion Smart Reusable Notebook

Fusion Smart Reusable Notebook

Technology has given us so many good ones but this is probably one of the best inventions yet. Imagine the convenience of a smartphone but with the retro pen and paper. That’s what this Rocketbook notebook is all about. And as the world shifts to sustainability, this truly is a sustainable invention and that’s why it could not be left out of this Easter gifts ideas.

As one of the best Easter gifts for adults, this notebook has 42 pages where you can list down anything you want then send it all to cloud-based services such as Google drive, Dropbox or Slack, Evernote, iCloud and more.

It has 7 different page styles for note-taking, sketching, listing, goal setting and sharing through the cloud-based services or email using their free app downloadable from iOS and Android. The pages have a weekly planner, a monthly calendar, a goal template, an ideas list, lined pages and much more.

It's a great Easter gift for teens going up, and would mean so much more to people that are keen on environmental sustenance.



9.       Remote Control for Smartphones

Remote Control for Smartphones

You probably have a loved one that loves her gram, and what better gift than something to enable them get the best shots for social media? This is one of the best Easter gifts for teens, especially because they have a heightened love for their social media. 

This is a handy Bluetooth remote that’s designed to help people take better photos using their smartphones without worrying about blurred images or simply to help take group selfies.

It is very light in weight and convenient to carry around because it’s small enough to fit in your pockets or attach it to a keychain. It pairs well with any smartphone or tablet by either Android (4.2.2 going up) and iOS (6.0 going up) and can control them at a distance of up to 10 meters.

The remote control shutter uses certified Bluetooth Wireless technology for safe, fast and reliable use. It has 2 buttons for taking images and videos. The bigger button is for iPhone while the smaller on is for Android.


10.    The Green & Black’s Easter Egg Gift Basket

The Green & Black’s Easter Egg Gift Basket

One worthy Easter basket in this collection of best Easter gifts. This Green & Black Egg Gift Basket is here because it has all the essentials that would make your loved ones Easter holiday complete, no matter the age.

It features dark and milk chocolates, organic  milk Easter eggs, some chocolate mini bars,  milk with butterscotch, sea salt, almonds, ginger, hazelnut, currant and raisins (yummy for the kids), milk with butterscotch chocolate and much more.

Let your loved one indulge this Easter season with this gift basket that will be delivered to them along with tasting notes. How thoughtful. It will be like the beauty of spring melting inside their mouth.



11.      Collapsible Stainless Steel Straw

Collapsible Stainless Steel Straw

Another sustainability theme in our Easter gifts list is brought by this fun and festive collapsible stainless steel straw that’s re-usable and very convenient to have around you anytime. Because it’s collapsible to less than 4 inches and can thereby fit in a purse, or pocket.

These straws are great for teens and anyone keen on sustainability and wouldn’t mind carrying their straw around.

They’re non-toxic and therefore safe for use on a continuous basis since there’s no rusting and they’re shatterproof thanks to the 18/8 stainless steel. One pack has 4 long straws that are 8.5’’, two wooden cases and 2 cleaning brushes and a case to carry them. This means you can clean them easily even in the dishwasher.

They’re a fun gift and would be ideal this spring. They’re environmentally friendly and they’re big enough to use for smoothies, milk-shakes and all other thick beverages.



12.      Men's Braided Leather Bracelet - 'Pure Strength'

Men's Braided Leather Bracelet

When you buy this bracelet for the special man in your life this Easter, you will be supporting UNICEF to feed a hungry child somewhere and helping them avoid acute malnutrition. This is why this Easter gifts list is different, besides doing something special for your special person, you will be extending kindness to a stranger somewhere else.

These are unique handmade bracelets for a great man’s hands. It is pure leather and the artist indicates that the braiding represents courage. It has a gorgeous silver clasp for that elegant finish. It’s a great Easter gift for a man of vision.



13.      Murphy & Daughters Bath Salt

Bath Salt

These are luxury treats to gift someone this Easter. They’re a great way to wash away the stress of the day and rejuvenate in the mineral richness fused with the heavenly scents.

These salts are a blend of sun-dried Australian salts that contain beta carotene, magnesium, iodine and potassium that’s great in helping detox the skin, remove flaky dead-skin and leave a glowing healthy skin with a great complexion. 

 The salt is also great for scrubbing tired feet and has properties that help soothe your muscles. It would be a great Easter gift that’s like a mini spa-treatment from home.

The present elements make these salts a great treat after a tough work out session as they help sooth your muscles as well. Treat someone with another sample of unique Easter gifts to help uplift their moods with these luxurious salts that will not only work on the body, but add a touch of chicness in the bathroom too.



14.    Norlan Whisky Glass

Whisky Glass

It’s spring and this mouth-blown Norlan whisky glass will add an interesting vibe to the Easter mood. It’s classy glassware that’s stunning and appetizing all in one. Upgrade your loved person’s home bar and let them toast to a happy Easter from something stunning.

The mouth blow design features inner bulges that create an interesting turbulence in the drink when it’s swirled. This reduces the amount of ethanol present in the drink and thereby allows the aromas to settle in well, it’s the stylish glass that enhances its content effortlessly.

It’s definitely one of the best Easter Gifts for adults that enjoy a quality home bar session.



15.  Beatrice the Bunny Stuffed Animal

Bunny Stuffed Animal

Chocolate eggs and jelly beans are sweet. But what if you don’t want to get your tots sugary Easter gifts? Then this cuddly bunny is really just the sweetest thing ever, without the sugar. It’s a stuffed animal with long floppy ears and the softest plush fur you’ve ever touched.

And the features have carefully been hand crafted to make it seem as real as possible.

They have used superior polyester material for durability and of course to make it as huggable as possible. This Easter bunny will be great for toddlers’ entertainment, it will be something to snuggle up during bed time stories or when minding any other activities.

Beatrice the bunny is a cuddly friend to kids from age 3 and going up. You’d be surprised that it would suit even a teenager. It’s the perfect screen-free fun mate.



These thoughtful Easter gifts are unique and out of the box. Whether you’re shopping for your young ones, your family, friends or colleagues, with these Easter gifts, you’re definitely going to surprise them. In between Beatrice the bunny and the Galaxy Projector, you have something soft and snugly and others to set the ambience and mood right for this spring holiday, with a chance to keep their spirits up high with the stars. So, have you decided now?


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