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Want an ideal gift for your kid? Try a Galaxy Star Projector” – many parents hear such words these days. It might be strange for you….. but for sure, you should think about it if your child is a space enthusiast, loves space related legos or asked you too many times to go with him to the planetarium.

Imagine the happiness, curiosity, fascination he feels for all what the Universe means – from the Big Bang to the way the planets, stars, and galaxies appeared.  What the nebula and the intergalactic gas are and how the forms of energy help the Universe to expand and the story goes on.


 Think about how he stays motionless in the chair, while the standard lights of the planetarium turn off and the specific music and the narrator’s story starts..... And visualize what it would be like if you could offer all these to your child without stepping 1 foot out of the house.

It’s possible!

And you can do this with the Galaxy Star Projector by Galaxy Lamps. Instead of a remote control that allows you to set up all the features available, this star galaxy projector is completely controlled by your voice, through its own app. Without it, the lamp has just some limited functionalities, such as turn on and off. Not to mention you can choose just about any color you like, as it is made to use the RGB spectrum. Plus the app is very easy to download and install for both Android and iOS devices.

Galaxy Projector


Once installed, you can also connect the projector with Alexa and Google Home. For the fans of voice-controlled devices and smart houses, let’s admit it, this feature counts a lot.

Besides, you can do two things: first, you can control it from any distance, letting you change the device settings without moving from your cozy spot. On the other side, you can also share the device settings with all your family members. This way anyone can adapt the Galaxy Projector settings to your kid’s preferences when you can’t do it.     

If your child gets bored quickly or you want to use the Galaxy Lamp Projector as a learning tool or for playing, you can easily use the other unique features that it comes with.

For example, with the custom settings, you can set the preferred default scenes for him and then you can mix up to three colors in the main projection. This way, you don’t just change the scenes, but also provoke his creativity making him think about how the Universe evolved.


Do you want to pop up the constellations and use them to show your child how the planets are connected? 

Besides its high class quality, you can adapt and adjust the brightness of the stars and the main projection separately and also the rotation speed.


Galaxy Star Projector a perfect gift


Made of an eco-friendly material, this home planetarium emanates little to almost zero heat, regardless of the time it functions (just a few hours) or the whole night. 

Thus, if you want to use it as a galaxy star projector night light for your kid, just adjust the brightness and the lighting modes and let him fall asleep under his own starry sky. And you can set the timers and schedule it for turning on and off according to his desire or the hours you know he sleeps. So, you don’t have to worry about the lightahead led light galaxy star projector staying up the whole night.



To sum up, is the Galaxy Star Projector a great choice for your kid? 

Absolutely YES. These days, even your child needs his own way to relax and dream. Galaxy Star Projector is a trendy device offering him an interstellar experience and allowing him to close his eyes and get lost in time and space.


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