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The quality of life you live each day largely depends on the quality of sleep you get during the night. And there are several factors that can contribute to the quality of sleep you get. Your bedroom is one and possibly the main factor. It’s your drug-free way of treating insomnia and ensuring you’re well rested and adequately pampered in your own space. Simple bedroom décor ideas can help you create an inviting and relaxing room.

Whether you’re looking to add some simple luxury through bedding, accent pieces or even color schemes, the fact is any bedroom can be transformed into a chic space to help you unwind. This article has put together simple master bedroom décor ideas and techniques that will breathe fresh life into your already existing bedroom scheme. 


The thoughtful details range from proper bedroom lighting to other details such as soft furnishings that are all about coziness coupled with functionality.

With no further ado, here are your best bedroom décor ideas that will make a great difference for you:


1.     The Levitating Moon Lamp

Bedroom decor ideas Levitating Moon Lamp


When it comes to modern bedroom décor ideas, it pays to sometimes let the heavens be the guide. And Galaxy Lamps are leading the pack in this functional lunar lighting voyage. They have captured cosmic creations through modern design at its finest. No wonder this type of bedroom lighting has recently been piquing designers’ attention.

Say hello to the LED Levitating Moon Lamp, one of the few décor pieces in the world that will leave you feeling like a daring astronaut in the middle of space. It’s a stunning lamp that’s been designed to replicate the moon to the finest details such as the craters, thanks to the advanced technology used.


Galaxy Lamps have used authentic NASA imagery and advanced 3D Technology to create this jaw dropping gem that makes for one of the best bedroom décor ideas yet. As if this replication wasn’t enough, the moon levitates while it silently rotates above a beautiful wooden base.

One of the things making designers trip as they mesmerize upon this lamp is the wireless charging technology. Why is this important? Because it means it’s a refined décor without the interruption of cables. It’s a clean bedroom décor idea that’s both luxurious and cute.


Another reason is the functionality twist. This Levitating Moon Lamp offers the ideal bedroom lighting thanks to its gentle glow that is sufficient for the bedroom space but not too bright to confuse your brain. What’s more, there are no buttons popping out to ruin the flow. Instead, it has a touch control button that works simply by touching.

The LED Levitating Moon Lamp has a variation that offers you other equally amazing features. It’s the Moon Lamp.


The Moon Lamp


Master bedroom decor ideas Moon lamps


This is as gorgeous as the Levitating Moon Lamp except that it doesn’t levitate. Instead it sits elegantly on a uniquely designed wooden base, but with the same moon texture. Other features that make it classify among the best bedroom décor ideas include the option of adjusting the lamp brightness depending on how you want to unwind. 

It also comes in 2 beautiful bedroom lighting colors, a warm white and cool white and has 3 lighting modes to allow you the luxury of choice.

Both of these lamps have been manufactured using 100% ecofriendly ABS, chemical free, both have wooden bases and therefore the whole lamp is safe for use in your bedroom because it has zero toxic elements.


2.      The Galaxy Projector

Galaxy Projector


Meet the grandeur of the intergalactic world through this Galaxy Projector and allow yourself to sleep under the stars. Still sticking with the best designers for cosmic lighting, Galaxy Lamps, by far the leader, has another fiercely stylish lamp to help turn your master bedroom into a dreamy space.

Take advantage of this Galaxy Projector and make a wish as it projects thousands of stars, nebulae and crashing ocean waves on your wall or ceiling. It’s a futuristic lighting device whose features are out of this world. This device falls among the top wall décor ideas for bedrooms because of several reasons.

First, it’s a true mood setter. For you to get that quality sleep, you need ambient lighting that will help you easily fall asleep. And this projector comes with an RGB dial that allows you to pick from a myriad of colors with the option of picking up to 3 colors simultaneously. 


It also has adjustable brightness, so once you pick your ideal colors, you can dim them as low as you want, whatever works for your beauty sleep.

Another main feature that makes it stand out as one of the best bedroom décor ideas is the Smart App integration. This allows you to control it via voice! You will not have to lift a finger during your sleep time.

 This smart integration allows you to sync it to your smart devices through WI-FI. When you install the app from Google Play or App Store, you will have access to all the cool features such as the ones mentioned above and others like a timer and a scheduler. 


As such you can set all your preferred settings then save them for future and still be able to set them for a certain specific time that you want. It also has a rotating ability with adjustable speed, very apt for lulling you to sleep.

Being small yet powerful, the Galaxy Projector projects real NASA galactic images at a very high resolution. It's very simple yet does an incredible job of changing the entire atmosphere of your bedroom into a more inviting and relaxing space that literally lifts your spirit.


3.      An Accent Wall


Accent wall


One of the simplest bedroom décor ideas involves giving it a wallop of design through use of an accent wall. Accent walls are best used behind the headboard since the rest of the walls should bow down to where you will lay your head rather than try to compete for attention. This is the essence of a well-designed bedroom.

An accent wall is basically an interior wall whose color and or design is different from the other walls around it. The difference comes out in form of color, texture, patterns ranging from glossy paneling, glass cloth or a vibrant wall decal. Whichever you use, having a statement wall is one of the simplest bedroom wall decor ideas that can instantly transform a boring bedroom into a magnificent resting haven.


With many options out there today, you can either choose to paint your wall, use 3-D cement walls, wallpapers and so forth. The final product is what matters, it should be something that has calming tones. For instance, you could consider neutral tones that are more soothing, such as gray which is a step from the basic regular white shades.

If your bedroom walls are already painted in a neutral color, then it’s time to get deeper and use a darker shade that’s more saturated. To get results that will make you happy, pick a color that’s similar to some of your bedding in order to tie it all together and create that suit harmony.

Having an accent wall is one of the best wall décor ideas that is sure to breathe some new life into your bedroom by giving it an enveloping and warm cocoon-like feeling.



4.      Statement Bed

The best master bedroom décor ideas must include the largest single furniture in the room - the bed. But here it’s all about a statement piece of furniture that will not only stand out, but it will elevate your bedroom’s aesthetic to the next level. What infuses these statement pieces with that “je ne sais quoi” is the stunning designs, prints, sculpted frames and luxurious fabric used.

More often than not, the bed is the first thing that you see when you enter the bedroom. And this is the reason it should be as captivating as possible because it’s automatically your focal piece of furniture.


A statement bed often has a huge impact even without much styling or use of accessories. Some easy trends include tufted beds or canopy beds. You might think that canopy beds are so formal, but here is the thing about great bedroom décor ideas, they’re sleek and contemporary. And canopy beds are simply like that. 

The modern designs that don’t contain heavy curtains are also very striking pieces.  They add clean lines that accentuate your bedroom’s symmetry and serve as a gorgeous addition that can easily improve a lackluster master bedroom.



5.    Turn Your Bookcase Into Night Stand

Turn Bookcase Into  Night Stand


One essential space in your bedroom is the nightstand. It hosts your favorite current read, photo frames as well as your sleep-time essentials such as eye masks. More often than not, the small square or round tables with a matching counterpart are the classic versions of a nightstand.

But what if you switch things up a notch higher with a not so square or short nightstand? You can swap it with a simple non-bedroom furniture like a bookcase. This is such a simple piece of furniture yet it can turn your entire bedroom around in an instant.

Bookcases are stalwart alternatives for more than just books. In your bedroom, these shelves can still hold some books, your cute decorative boxes, and still hold the eye masks and ear plugs.

 Better yet, if you can get a bookcase with an open back like the one here, you can pass a charging cord for your lamps such as the Levitating Moon Lamp. Can you just visualize that? It’s picture perfect.


6.      Clever Storage Space

Clever Storage Space


Here is one of the top small bedroom décor ideas that will leave your bedroom feeling cleaner and more inviting. When living in a dwelling with a small bedroom it never seems to be sufficient storage space for all your necessities. It can easily look like a dumping space for shoes, coats, scarves, ties, throws and so on.

Most people try to solve this problem by incorporating more hanging spaces, adding more storage furniture such as drawers or the traditional dresser. But these are modern times. There are more innovative, functional and life-enhancing storage ideas for your bedroom no matter the size and here is one of the best examples.


The secret to appreciating even the existing bedroom décor is to get rid of all the unwanted things such as clothes that you haven’t worn in over a year, shoes and so forth. The thought of decluttering can be paralyzing to your mind. But you can make a huge impact with minimal effort by carving out more breathing room through some clever techniques such as an ottoman.

This is one of the best examples for bedroom décor ideas that doubles (and triples) up as clever storage décor idea. An ottoman will offer your bedroom a world of storage space but in style. Besides the aesthetic function, an ottoman will triple that as a comfortable bench too! Every bedroom could do with an ottoman.

When you clear all clutter from your bedroom, you will have a more inviting room to enjoy your down time in.



7.      Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers


Different types of accessories and bedroom accents drift in and out of style. Except for one that never loses its luster and allure, and that’s the presence of fresh flowers. Is there a better way to add some atmosphere in your bedroom than with the help of beautiful floral arrangements?

This is one of the most guaranteeing bedroom décor ideas, you’re sure to have the entire feel of your bedroom lifted. Flowers are a simple luxury element. Whether you’ll have them potted or in a vase, they will change the whole beat to something more calming and refreshing.


Depending on preferences, the ideal flowers for functional bedroom décor ideas include jasmine, lavender, aloe-vera and peace lilies. All these flowers help you sleep better. A combination of your ideal flowers is a fresh way to accent your night stand. And this is a simple way to amplify your room, lift the energy and set you up for a good night rest and  great start of each morning.

To achieve the best result, avoid very large flower arrangements, unless you have sufficient space for them. It’s also important to pick a vase that references something in your bedroom. Let it have a color that matches something in your bedroom, this will add to the harmony.

 A great example is the one pictured above: it’s a beautiful array of peonies, pink coral roses assembled with eucalyptus sprigs. The vase matches the wall lamp and brings such smooth cohesiveness.

But remember, you should do the type of flowers you can find and those that will truly elevate your mood, even just by looking.



8.      Large Artwork

Master bedroom decor ideas large artwork

When it comes to bedroom décor ideas, there are some décor pieces that never leave the trend or go out of style. This is perhaps because such pieces have a sure way of instantly enhancing a room, no matter the style, color, personality or even function of the room. A large piece of artwork is one such accessory.

Bring some panache in your bedroom with a large striking artwork; it often works best if it’s above your bed. If you can get one that covers at least half of the width of the bed, then it will perfectly elevate your bedroom décor. 

With that said, large pieces of art can be quite expensive. So, when you’re considering options, you don’t need to empty your bank account for one piece of art. Modern times allow other options of achieving this exact aesthetic albeit in a cheaper manner.


This is through use of wall decals, enlarged photos, framed maps or murals.

 A mural is another bold way to add some dramatic glamor into your bedroom wall. The beauty of murals is that you can easily pick one that already has your bedroom colors and therefore it will easily fit the look and complete your bedroom décor. Murals no longer have to be painted. There are temporary murals that are removable just like wallpaper, they are adhesive- backed, translating into easy installation and removal.

But whatever your choice, whether a large artwork or a mural, a piece of art is one of the simplest bedroom décor ideas out there and very easy to fix.



9.      Coastal Vibes

Coastal Vibes


You don’t need to live by the seaside to enjoy the cool beach-like atmosphere. The lure of the beach is irresistible and you can easily create it inside your bedroom. It’s that carefree and very casual display of openness and nature that makes it so majestic. And why wouldn’t someone desire such vibes when they go to unwind in the comfort of their bedrooms?

This is one of the coolest bedroom decor ideas that are also quite simple to achieve. To deliver the coastal spirit, you can start with beach motifs, the bright and breezy colors. You can also incorporate lots of natural elements such as worn wood, sea grass, bamboo or shells that are the quintessence of a coastal style.


The typical coastal or beach palette is reminiscent of soft turquoise, lots of whites, blues and light greens and sea foam. All these with tons of sandy tan. It can also include darker nautical tones.

Accessories can include some oceanic pillows that feature all the vibrant sea colors making them excellent accent throw accessories. You can also accessorize using nautical elements like this wooden steering wheel - it’s a beautiful addition that features seagulls and seashells.

Alternatively, you could go all out and get your bed a whole set of coastal themed bedding. You can pick nautical bedding sets including duvet covers, quilts, and pillow cases and so on. Whatever your coastal desire, you’re sure to find a theme that will turn your bedroom into a mini-holiday zone which is just what you need to relax after a long hard working day.


10.      Mix Patterns

Mix Patterns


The last of these simple but unique bedroom décor ideas is all about giving your bedroom some texture using a combination of various styles of prints, Ikats, floral and different geometric prints to create a unique and warm composition.

The secret of combining different patterns lies in ensuring that they are all related in color, size as well as shape. Beautiful vibes are created when you do it right. To achieve this, make sure the patterns you pick incorporate different sizes. For example, you can use large prints as the dominant pattern then tone it down with medium or smaller patterns.

The colors need to be within the same tonal family to get an aesthetically attractive visual effect. Using different color tones can easily turn into chaos. You can also blend simple and complex looking patterns for complementary effects. And finally, pick only a few patterns to work with. Too many different patterns might turn into a mess.

Mixed patterns are a great way to energize your bedroom.



When picking bedroom décor ideas, the rule of the thumb is to always follow your personal style. All the above ideas are brilliant, but you can only use what feels right for you in order to create a room that’s tailored for your resting and rejuvenation needs. Remember to create a space that’s warm by using non directional light. Instead use dimmable inviting lights such as the Levitating Moon Lamp mentioned above.

Less is more. Your minimum effort might turn out to create the biggest impact in your bedroom. The best example of this is none-other than the Galaxy Projector. Having parsed through these simple bedroom décor ideas, you’re now ready to enjoy some quality sleep and consequently better days.


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