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At one point or another, we have all found ourselves gazing at the skies at night and enamored thoroughly by its magic that we wished it was something we could comfortably experience every day. Well if you ever had such wishes, then the new Galaxy Lamps’ Galaxy Projector is your wish come true. 

This new device is a true work of art, not just in the sleek design, but it has a precision that offers the truest recreation of the starry skies, thanks to the actual high resolution NASA satellite imagery used. Ideal for both adults and kids, this Galaxy Projector delivers the spectacular universe right into your living space.


Why Is the Galaxy Projector So Unique?

 Galaxy Projector is a device designed by Galaxy Lamps, an esteemed company that creates original brilliant devices of high end quality.

 This small, but advanced device is able to project the grandeur of the sky on your ceiling or wall along with floating clouds in a myriad of changeable colors (virtually all the RGB spectrum). And thousands of stars for the best possible visual experience of the Milky Way and the galaxy nebula. All these without having to leave or make a step outside your room.


This Galaxy cove projector allows you to apply multiple scenes that can easily create a soft, dreamy and even romantic atmosphere that you or your kids can sleep under.


Galaxy Projector 2.0 by Galaxy Lamps


The Galaxy Projector’s Uniquely Crafted Features


a.      Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

 This unique Galaxy light projector can be controlled with the voice. You don’t need to find a remote control or get out of your rest state to change any settings. Through Alexa or Google Assistant, all you need is to just set up the initial time to voice activation and that’s it.

Moreover, besides the voice control, you can operate this Galaxy Projector through an app. There are multiple options you can change with just a touch of a button on your smart device.


b.     So Many Controls

 The new Galaxy Projector has more controls, you only need to download the app on your smart device and from there you’ll be spoiled of choice with a plethora of control options you’ll have at your fingertips. 

Some of the control options you can use through the app include:


Brightness of the stars - it’s now possible to adjust the brightness of the stars separately from the main projection. How cool is that?

Rotation Speed - You can adjust the rotation speed of the main projection or the stars alone, or both!

Colors - You can adjust the colors of the main projection; it’s even possible to mix up to three colors. This sky lite laser Galaxy projector also uses RGB dial for an exhaustive palette of color choices. You can set default scenes with custom settings.

Timer - With this Galaxy Projector, you can time your schedules as you please, as long as it’s connected to the WI-FI, you can control this device from anywhere.


Galaxy projector


Other Features for Endless Possibilities

  •       It’s a very sturdy device and weighs only 0.5 kgs. Since it’s quite small, therefore is very easy to store up whenever it’s not in use. Plus it won’t occupy much of your space and maneuvering it from one place to another will be really simple.
  •       It has movable clouds that can change the color for extra effects.
  •       It’s very easy to operate especially after initial set up.
  •       Has a chic design that can seamlessly blend in any room as part of the functional décor.
  •       Having in mind all its features compared to the price tag, this Galaxy Projector is a “merciless utter steal”. Its quality is really superior.


The new Galaxy Projector is the device to accentuate your living space and create a smooth and relaxing environment both for the kids and adults, thanks to its versatility and all the possibilities it brings with the star showers.


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