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It’s almost here again, another Valentine’s Day to start planning the perfect way to celebrate your special person. And while romance is the theme of the season, it can also mean a time to show how well you know your partner, and this might not always be an easy task.

But still, you want to give them something sweet, quirky and one that would possibly create beautiful memories and heart-filled inside jokes as well. It’s a season that calls for creative out-of-the-box Valentine’s Day gifts, literally.

And whether you’ve been together for decades or met just the other day, you never stop learning more about your partner. Thus, the quest to surprise them with something that will strike the right chords is a constant process and fineness is needed.

This article is about helping you offer a dash of romance without cheesiness - the best Valentine’s Day gifts for 2021.


1.     The Galaxy Projector


Valentine's day gifts - Galaxy Projector

Somewhere in a galaxy far away lays a romantic bedroom with sparkly stars. If there is no other way to fall asleep but under a relaxing hologram of cosmos, take a look at the Galaxy Projector. Spread some love to your partner on this Valentine’s Day with this very unique décor enhancer.

It’s a perfect mood setter that’s been specially crafted for occasions such as this. If your partner appreciates the skies and finds relaxation in the breathtaking sights of the galaxies, then this will make for a perfect Valentine gift. Remember this day is about expressing your affection to your partner and what better way than to gift them with something that they would love.

This projector has been designed with the ultimate technology that displays crisp, top resolution projection of the galaxies. It also contains floating ocean waves that add drama to this romantic set up. 


Some of its unique features include the 360° dynamic projection with the option of picking the speed that’s perfect for your mood. Galaxy Projector has unlimited color options, so you’ll not have to worry about the color your partner likes. With the RGB dial, they can pick their favorite colors and combine up to 3 colors at once.

Besides this, you can adjust the brightness to suit the mood. It really makes one outstanding Valentine’s Day gift you can offer your partner. And the feature that wraps up this perfect present is the smart app integration that allows you to control it through Alexa or Google Assistant or through your smart device as long as it’s connected to the WIFI. All that’s needed is to install the app, then link it and you’ll have a full array of functionalities as per your convenience.

It’s safe to use since it’s made of PLA material that’s non-toxic and therefore eco-friendly. So, go ahead, schedule up those special moments and surprise your partner with this mood setting device this Valentine’s.


Valentine gifts  for 2021




2.     The Galaxy Lamp

In this busy lifestyle that we live through, nothing restores a sense of peace than the heavenly skies. It explains why most people will simply gaze at the stars as they take a deep breath of freshness. 

There’s something about the galaxies that fires up our imaginations while helping us regain the much needed sense of direction. And this Galaxy Lamp will make for an excellent Valentine’s Day gift to your partner to help them get some tranquility right from the comfort of the home.

Besides this, it’s a gorgeous decorative piece that will enhance the look of any space. Crafted using the most advanced technology, this Galaxy Lamp is based on high quality NASA satellite imagery for an absolute identical replica of the cosmic view. Your partner will get mesmerized by the crazy details and the rugged surface that’s reminiscent of the actual starry skies.

Some amazing features of this beautiful Valentine’s gift include adjustable brightness with up to three lighting modes, 16 different colors to pick from, depending on the kind of ambience they want to create and a rechargeable battery. And as said, it’s a show stopping décor piece too.

Galaxy Lamp  Valentines day gifts for her



3.     Levitating Moon Lamp

What are good Valentine’s Day gifts if they don’t include a piece of gem that immortalizes a special occasion? The Levitating Moon Lamp is by far more than just an ordinary lamp. It’s a decorative piece that’s a complete show off, and it will testify how special is your partner and what paramount place he holds in your heart. As for the space it’ll be utilized in, it’ll create an absolute sense of luxury and elegance.

This Levitating Moon Lamp defies the gravity by breathtakingly floating mid-air in a dreamlike consistency while displaying a charming soft warm glow that’s perfect for any room. It hovers over a stylish wooden base that also catches the eye.  Not to mention, there are no cables in this set up.


Advanced 3D printing and real NASA images have been used to give it a texture that’s exactly like the moon. Your partner will not want to do anything else besides just relax while gazing at it and hold you in their arms.

Plus Galaxy Lamps offers you another delightful variant of the Moon Lamp that’s not levitating, but sits on an artistic wooden base. Still it conserves the same attractive moon texture details and look. Your partner can indulge in the moonlight as they let this Luna illuminate their mind as well as their space.

No matter where it’s placed, it instantly brings magic into its hosting space with warm, angelic  glow that comes in two colors. It has 3 different lighting modes and adjustable brightness for when you want to read or when you want to set the right mood for those special moments in two. 

Both Moon Lamps are safe to use even throughout the night as they can stay up to 10 hours when charged.


Levitating moon lamp

4.     Brass Oil Burner

Forget the scented candles and leave that in 2020. Set the perfect romantic or relaxing mood with this oil burner. Everyone likes to relax from time to time. And this is why the burner makes for a unique Valentine’s Day gift for her. Besides the function, the brass sculpture design is an elegant décor piece.

For good measure and maximum use, you only need a couple of drops of her favorite essence plus tea light. And this heat will warm the essential oils plus the brass to produce the most relaxing moody fragrance in the room she will not want to leave. 

So, what are good Valentine’s Day gifts for girlfriends? Well, there you have one of the best.

 Brass Oil Burner


5.     The Spice Grinder

What are some good Valentine’s Day gifts for guys or girls that love to cook? Nothing could be better than this spice grinder. So, lucky you if your partner knows their way around the kitchen because your valentine’s gift is already cut out for you. This little piece is fancy and ideal for both the kitchen and the dining table. They’ll amp up the date night experience.

It’s a great grinder for fresh herbs and spices and elegantly doubles up as a décor piece for the counter top. As such, enjoy any spices of your choice as you dine with your favorite chef in the comfort of your own privacy.

The Spice Grinder


6.      Wine and Dine

The old saying goes: the surest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. Thus this wine will seal the deal as the best Valentines’ Day gift for her especially if you add your culinary skills to it (if you have or even if you just try). 

If not, it’s still alright. This Vivino Grenache is an exceptional variety because it has lots of aroma thanks to the long fruity finish. It will really make such a statement and you’ll not have to overthink whether she’ll like it.

And have you seen how it looks? It’s girly, flirty and inviting, decently.



7.      The Gift With Purpose - Veja Sneakers

What do guys like for Valentine’s days gifts if they’re into sustainable living? If your partner cares about Earth’s sustainability, then Veja, a Paris based brand is keen on sustainable commerce. And they create great sustainable sneakers that would make for perfect Valentine’s gifts for him.

They have a line of shoes that’s made out of 50% corn waste. They have used advanced bio-based techniques to produce plant based faux leather that’s as strong as the real leather. They collect discarded corn husks and combine them with polyurethane to produce this faux leather. Thus, these sneakers are great for someone conscious about living purposefully, but still with drip.

Valentine’s gifts for him snikers


8.      Record Player

Switch things up some more. Generally people love music, most couples even have “their song”. So, what are good Valentine’s Day gifts for guys that love music? 

The vinyl is back with a bang and makes for a smooth gift. Create memories for posterity with this record player by playing your favorite songs or discovering new ones. Vinyl records remain special because of the experience. 

They’re not the instant music as the Bluetooth “things”. But instead you get up, blow the fluff off the record, place it on the turntable and wait for the scratch before the song starts to play. What can be more romantic than that? It builds a good tension that will be relieved as the song plays. He would never forget you with this gift.


 Record Player



9.      The Coffee Lover - Portable Espresso Machine

You don’t need to be a coffee connoisseur to get a useful Valentine’s gift for your coffee lover. Probably the only thing you need to do is ensure they don’t already have what you want to buy for them. You just need to consider a gift that will transform their coffee making routine into something quicker and more intriguing.

This portable mini-espresso machine ranks most probably the first on a top of all Valentine’s gifts you can get for your adrenaline junkie. It’s fancy looking, and all you need to do is add ground coffee to the filter basket, level the grind by applying pressure and then add hot water to the tank. 

Pump a few strokes to add pressure to extract pure espresso with enough cream. Your coffee lover will enjoy flavor per excellence that’s rendered by this little machine. And what’s more, it’s portable and doesn’t require any batteries or charging, completely manual and perfect for outdoors or travels.

Portable Espresso Machine


10.   Chocolates - For Skin!

Roses are red, violets are blue and chocolates are a must have Valentine’s Day gift. But did you know that there are chocolates that work wonders for her skin? Well, this is one perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her. The Ceramiracle chocolate has been made with 70% organic dark chocolate that has no sugar and is vegan.

They have also thrown in a good dose of antioxidants to help your special woman retain skin moisture that’s vital for excellent skin elasticity. You can consider this a healthy and sweet anti-aging plug. So, you order once and she gets 20 perfect squares of this miracle chocolate. Mission accomplished!

Chocolates - For Skin



11.   For the Active S.O. - Noxgear Lighted Visibility Vest

Is your significant other an active person? Do they like to walk, take runs or cycle even in the dark like early mornings or at night? Then the first thing to have in mind besides the health benefits of their workout is their safety. 

Most active people will wear reflective clothes or accessories. But those are only good if light is present. For example, the bicycle on a road used by cars will only be visible if the headlights shine on it, but what if there’s no light? How does your special person stay safe? 

Well, Noxgear has a solution for that and you can take advantage of it as one of the most appropriate Valentine’s gifts.

They have a Tracer 360 vest that’s less than a vest but is light and completely unobtrusive meaning can be worn on top of warm work out clothing for cold days or with the least amount of clothing for hot work out days.

 It has LED lights that can be seen from both the front and the back from a kilometer away. Plus, it has a reflective band that goes around the body and these lights can flash or stay solid, as per your choice. They also have accessories for dogs in case you want to get that too. So, help your partner stay sexy and safe.

Lighted Visibility vest


12.  Beard Grooming Kit

Does your man have a badass beard?  Then this Valentine’s day don’t crack your head trying to figure out what to get him. This beard kit is just what your bearded beau needs. Not socks, nor a tie or those briefs or other accessory he’ll most likely never wear.

Stroke that beard with this very useful pack that comes with beard wash, a shampoo, two packs of pure and organic beard growth oil,  a beard balm leave in conditioner, a beard comb, a brush and a beard scissor. It also has a beard e-book and a storage bag. 

Well, how about that! All these things in the Fulllight Tech kit are items he’ll love and use without a doubt.

These beard essentials are a true way to spoil your man, (and yourself too). Don’t you like seeing him freshly groomed? It contains everything a man with a beard will need to keep those beard and mustache hairs soft, properly shaped and neat. 

Have you started imagining how he’ll look already? This is the kind of gift where you both win.


Beard Grooming Kit


13.  Back Pain Acupressure Mat

Is your partner the kind of person that starts their morning routine with a celery blend at hand and a yoga mat on the other hand? 

Well, this is for the active partner who prefers to be wowed by something that’s in tune with their wellness targets. And this Valentine’s Day presents you with a perfect opportunity to gift these health-conscious special people with something like this: a back pain acupressure mat that will help them keep getting better at their health goals.

Acupressure mats work almost like the ancient acupuncture, the difference is that acupressure is less invasive and relieves pains and tension aches throughout the body by diffusing pain points through touch and pressure.  It has been proven by research that acupuncture and by extension acupressure can help alleviate basic back and neck pains.

This is especially excellent if your partner hates needles. And also means a better muscle pain reliever that’s cheaper compared to the regular professional massage. Plus, this mat can work pain on knees and feet. 


 Back Pain Acupressure Mat



14.  Something for the Workaholic

 What are good Valentine’s Day gifts for guys who spend long hours working? Moreover these men tend to have a mercurial taste of the finer things. After all, they work so hard for them, so what would make for a perfect gift? 

This Mod Laptop 3 is the perfect Valentine’s gift for him. It’s just the kind of gift that your compulsive worker will love and use, no matter where they will be working from.

Working throughout doesn’t mean he should miss out on a perfect Valentine’s gift. This pack will bring him the cheer because it's super convenient.  Whether he’s always on the go or in a regular office desk from dusk to dawn, this Mod Laptop 3 will act as a mobile little office with everything that he will need. 

It’s an elegant customizable laptop case with intuitive super magnets that will enable him to switch between mod inserts to suit his working needs at any time. The lining is made of microfiber and thereby very good for laptops, phone or tablets. In total it has 11 pockets for every essential including a place for the cables, pens and so on. Pick a color from the variations that are available including French grey, Bomber, Toffee and more.


What are good valentines gifts for guys Mod Laptop.jpg


15.  Trendy Face Masks

After a difficult crappy year, Valentine’s Day feels like a breath of fresh air. But the pandemic is still here for another couple of months at least. So, this means giving out face masks as a luxury Valentine’s Day gifts is valid. A year ago it would have been unimaginable, but not anymore. To prove how serious it is, designer brands already have luxury collections of face masks for the fashion forward people.

With that said, you can help your special person keep looking their best while staying safe as much as possible. 

Summersalt, a travel wear brand, has some of the best machine washable, non medical grade face masks. They’re not luxury, but guess what? They’re perfect for a couple of reasons. First, they’re made of recycled material, and secondly, they’re 100% cotton. Plus, they come in sets of three and at an affordable price.

The sets include a colorful print for days you want to go bold. There is also a black one for neutral days and other color block options such as navy blue and black or yellow and black options for formal wear. The latter would look great with suits and ties. They are also adjustable, so you’ll not have to worry too much about the size.

In case you don’t think face masks would be ideal Valentine’s Day gifts, now you see why they’re a thoughtful and very timely option. It doesn’t matter how many masks your loved one has already, they could always use a few more. This is real fashion to the rescue.


 Face masks

Wrap up

You’ve been through a pandemic (you’re a winner) and according to recent scientific interventions, there might be some relief soon. Be grateful for your loved ones and treat them or even yourself with any or more of these unique Valentine’s Day gifts in this list. They’re thoughtful in the sense that they will indeed improve the quality of life of your special person and bring joy. And that might just be all that you really want for this Valentine’s Day.



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