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For most parents, bedtime is something to look forward to, both for their tots and for themselves. And healthy sleeping habits are of great importance for mental and physical growth of the kids. Therefore helping them develop a good napping habit will not only be a gift to serve them over the years,  you too will gain from a regular downshift from a tiresome schedule. That’s where these night lights for kids come in handy and are indispensable.

Whether you’re waking up at night (which you will) to change them, or to just sooth them back to sleep from some bad dream or even to feed them, the reality is that you will wake up at night. And that overhead light in their room will seem like the sun during midday, making the sleep disappear completely. 

The best night light for kids on the other hand will offer you just enough light that’s good for their sleepy blurry eyes. And also enough to light up what you need to do without the bright glare.


These cool night lights for kids are also gentle enough to stay on throughout the night because another truth is that kids don’t like to sleep in pitch darkness. So, a nice dim light to ease their fears at night is important. This list has come up with 4 of the best night lights for kids that come in all shapes and designs including animal characters to not only help them go to sleep, but they will turn into great slumber party hosts.

The dark night can be scary. Best night lights for kids should give your tots a sense of safety and comfort to drift off to la-la-land. Thus, here is what to look for when buying a night light for kids:



How to Choose a Night Light for Kids

Decide what you need the night light for. Some are great for adding a little drama to the bedtime stories, some night lights can get dim enough just to help you feed, others for diaper change while others are just for minimal light to help alleviate absolute darkness. Here is a checklist:


Brightness Adjustability - Ensure it offers sufficient night light for your own purpose with an option of changing the brightness.


Color Options - some night lights for kids offer a variety of adjustable colors. This is a plus, and you never know when they might come in handy.


Portability - The best night lights for kids should be portable. Battery operated night lights for kids are also great because they make portability easy. Alternatively chargeable batteries are even better.


Durability and Safety - You want a night light that will serve you for years. Consider the material used, it should not be prone to breaking but should be safe for your little ones.  


Extra features - extra features such as an ability to rotate, a scheduler and timer and more will really offer you value for your hard earned money.  Other such extra features include:

  •       Light projection
  •       Smart App Integration


Must be LED lights - LED bulbs are best for night lights for kids because they produce little to no heat compared to incandescent bulbs for a similar brightness output. Besides this, LED bulbs are safer and consume less energy. Another advantage of LED bulbs - they last longer especially because they consume less energy and don’t emit much heat.


With that out of the way, here are the top night lights for kids in 2021:



1.     The Galaxy Projector


 Night lights for kids Galaxy Projector


Children are constantly learning and as they get around kindergarten age their curiosity is at its peak. Meaning their activities involve explorations of nature, collaborative plays and much more. 

To enhance their learning, the world has taken a shift by use of technology and this Galaxy Projector is just a perfect example that does more than helping your tots have a fun night.

It’s a trend setter that’s Smart App and voice controlled through Wi-Fi to enhance your bedtime stories with vivid imaginations amid the countless shiny stars. With the help of Alexa or Google Assistant, you can be creative with those spell-binding stories as your little ones dive deep into the adventures of space. 


Bed time will no longer be a boring affair, they will look forward to it and this will eventually lead them to sound sleep.

Galaxy Projector is the top in this list because it has all the qualities of a great night light for kids. Besides the very convenient Smart App controls, this projector will allow you to use any colors you desire from the RGB dial. And it offers the option of combining up to 3 different colors. 

It also has 360° rotating dynamic projection that can add a little drama in the kids’ bedroom. Especially for those slumber parties, this will indeed create that “extra” feel that they will love. 


You can also control the rotation speed to suit various needs. For instance if you’re just looking for something gentle to lull them to sleep, you can use a slow relaxing speed that will not be distracting.

Other features that you access after installing the app include a scheduler and a timer. They enable you to set different preferences to suit your needs. And the best part is that you get to save all your settings for future use. It also has adjustable brightness. This is essential for your different needs that this versatile night light will serve.

 It’s portable and safe to use even all night long. It’s made with durable material that doesn’t break easily. And it’s small you can even hide it while using it to add to the mystery.

When you turn on this game changer, your walls are awash with thousands of stars, nebula, constellations and your kids will be thrilled to see these calming crashing ocean waves inside their bedroom. If this doesn’t make a fun bedtime, what does?



2.      The Galaxy Lamp


Galaxy Lamp best night lights for kids


Picture a vibrant orb filled with all the marvel of the galaxies. That’s what this Galaxy Lamp is. 

It’s arguably the best Galaxy Lamp and one of the best night lights for kids because it’s colorful, with up to 16 different colors including red, green and yellow that are all child friendly. 

It’s also ideal for a kid’s bedroom because it gently glows the galactic light and gives you the option of adjusting the brightness and comes with different lighting modes. So, whether you want to read your kids a book, have some fun activity or just soothe them to sleep, this lamp offers all the options to suit all these needs and more. It uses LED bulbs and therefore produces little to no heat.

Being made with eco-friendly and unbreakable material makes it safe to use and durable as well. 


The other features that make the Galaxy Lamp stand out as one of the best night lights for kids include the gorgeous rugged surface that’s reminiscent of a true star in the skies. 

Designed by a world class team using the highest quality NASA satellite images for a real galactic experience, it also comes with a rechargeable battery and a charging USB cable. You only need to charge it for 2 hours and it will last you up to 10 straight solid hours. This is why it qualifies as an ideal night light.

Other features enclose the sleek and very attractive design that includes a stylish wooden base   having the power to instantly upgrade your kids’ bedroom.

The other aspect that makes the Galaxy Lamp feature in the best night lights for kids list are the extra features that are essential including portability and the various color options with adjustable brightness. They make it an excellent companion that creates a soothing and magical atmosphere and turn the regular bedtime into a fun and inspiring time.



3.     Lumipets



This is a great night light that was designed with both the kids and the parents in mind. Think about the nights when you have to get up and nurse your kids but don’t want a bright light to completely wake them.

It also offers 8 different colors and this is great because it means you can use it for more than just nursing or soothing them to sleep. It also has adjustable brightness to enable you make the best of it in different situations.

This little silicon night light for kids uses rechargeable batteries. When charging the light shows a red color and turns green to show you that it’s fully charged. It comes with its own USB cable and that’s an added advantage.

This is one cool night light for kids and it stays cool, literally. It doesn’t heat up and when you tap on it, the colors change. It offers the option of leaving one color steady. This is great for when your aim is only to help kids sleep. 


Alternatively you can pick the flickering mode that would make bedtime stories a little more interesting. And finally, you may opt for the breathing mode where colors change by themselves softly without sudden difference.

It offers sleeper timers of either 15 or 30 or 60 minutes for when you don’t need it to stay on all night long. It has no sharp edges and since it’s quite small, your tots can carry it to bed and it can offer them that calming mood with the option of dimming it further to ensure total darkness is eliminated. It’s also eco-friendly and therefore safe for babies as well as toddlers.


4.      AUKEY Night Light


AUKEY Night Light


Best night lights for kids must be versatile, and this night lamp wants to be like the Galaxy Projector when it grows up. 

Already as an RGB light, it offers beautiful and vibrant colors that your children will love. It offers 2 lighting modes, a warm lighting mode and a white one. It also offers the option of color changing settings, a manual and an automatic mode. 

In the manual mode, you need to press and hold on the top touch sensitive area of the lamp: this will change the color and allow you to adjust the brightness. 

The automatic mode also requires you to press and hold. This way you can change the brightness and it will also set the color cycle on its own. When you reach your desired brightness you can lift your finger. 


The only downside of this cute lamp compared to the Galaxy Projector is that you have to redo this manually each time you need to use the lamp. It can be quite a task when you quickly need to set a favorable bedtime mood.

It has great placement options including a rubber loop at the bottom to enable the possibility to hang it wherever you need to, using the carabiner clip that’s included. And it also has a magnetic base in case you have a metal surface to attach it to.

And finally another reason why this is one of the best night lights for kids is because it’s such an energy saver. It consumes very little energy, it’s durable and a fully charged battery can last a minimum of 5 hours. This cute lamp comes with its own USB charging cable.




These top night lights for kids’ bedrooms are essential lighting accessories to help your young ones enjoy quality bedtime. Some of them like the Galaxy Projector are super convenient in use and offer such amazing options to help your kids enjoy a whole new and fresh experience of bedtime. 

Battery operated night lights for kids or chargeable batteries are best because they ease portability which may be necessary for nights away from home. And as for you, the parent, a good night sleep for the baby is a good night sleep for you.


Best Night Lights for Kids - Bedtime Should Be Fun

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