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While spending money on your loved ones brings more joy than buying a gift for yourself, picking the perfect gift can be quite hard sometimes, no matter the budget, or how well you know the person. This time, you don’t have to scratch your head anymore; this article has put together an inspiring list of unique gifts to help you enjoy all the gift-giving glory no matter the occasion.

A perfect gift must in some way help your loved ones relieve their daily work stress and must also be designed to encourage relaxation and creativity.

 Here are 10 such unique gifts:

1.      Galaxy Projector 

The endless depths of the space, the cosmos and an entire black hole of emptiness is something that fascinates most people. The beauty of the skies is undeniable and rather than having to chill out in the cold night to view them, this new Galaxy Projector brings the entire greatness of the skies right into your home.

 This home planetarium has been crafted with precision using actual high resolution NASA satellite imagery and advanced technology to produce superior image quality.


To make things better, it is voice controlled, you only need to download the app and set it up with Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant. And you can set the lighting to just about any color of the RGB spectrum. 

Galaxy Projector would make for a perfect gift for any occasion and for a person of any age. But particularly for kids, for kids with special needs, kids and teens passionate about the space and outer universe. Virtually anyone can enjoy the thousands of star sparkles and clouds projected on their walls or ceiling. It would also be great for a cool party ambience if your giftee loves to host parties or simply to invite guests.

Galaxy Projector

2.      The Levitating Moon Lamp

This is another jaw dropping unique gift. It’s a LED moon lamp that defies gravity by levitating mid-air while wandering gracefully and infusing a warm, peaceful lighting to any room. 

Why would it make for a unique gift? The most advanced technology has been used to give it the exact look of the moon including the craters and the surface texture. Plus, the Levitating Moon Lamp is by itself an impressive piece of décor that brings a touch of elegance in any space. 


Unique gifts LEvitating Moon Lamp

3.      Wireless Charging Catchall

This versatile unique gift is not only stylish, it doubles up as a wireless charger and a shelter for the keys, or other small items such as change. It would be a great gift for people that travel often. All they need to do is to plug in the catchall cord into a power outlet then place the phone over the charging icon and that’s all. 

It’s chic and very convenient and can be gifted on any occasion.


Unique christmas gifts Wireless Charging Catchall

4.      Beauty Sleep Marble Travel Set

This is one of the sweetest and unique gifts for women, and of course, unique Christmas gifts. You can treat your mother, sister, best friend  or any other special woman in your life with this on the go luxurious travel pillow. It’s perfect to ensure that they don’t sprain their neck while dozing off whether on a long flight or road trip. It also comes with a matching slipsilk. 


Unique gifts for women Sleep Travel Set


5.      Wall Clock With Hidden Camera

This is a unique gift that eases the stress of the giftee; they can track everything that happens in their home or office without much trouble. This clock can be hung anywhere that requires video surveillance. 

The hidden camera is concealed on the face of the camera; it allows the users to get instant alerts on their phone when motion is detected. It would top the list for unique mother’s day gifts for moms needing nanny cameras.

 Wall Clock With Hidden Camera


6.     The Modern Man's Telescope

This is one truly unique gift for men. Whether they want to enjoy bird watching or explore the cosmos, this is without a doubt the perfect gift. It has high definition optical glass lenses with a magnification of up to 25x, it’s also metallic but with stylish leather handles. Get this unique gift for him and let him enjoy the wonders of this world from distance, if he prefers so.


The Modern Man's Telescope unique gifts for men 


7.      Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager with Heat 

Help your loved ones melt their stresses away with this unique gift idea that’s just perfect for any day. It’s a device made to get rid of any tension, pain or fatigue around the neck and back. When the heat is turned on, it adds to the comfort while improving blood circulation. It can be used at home, in the car or inside the office. If you’re looking for unique gifts to boost health as well as state of mind, then you’ve got it.


Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager


8.     Oven Mitt

Here's some other unique mother’s day gift because often, people remember mum’s food, but few remember to help her protect her loving hands. This oven mitten is unique in design because it features a combo of Indian patterns and suburban houses. The first layer is insulated with silicon while the second one is filled with real cotton and a third other layer is insulated with gloves of the oxford cloth for maximum protection.

 Unique gifts oven mitt


9.      Stagg Pour Over Kettle

Kick the brewing temperatures higher with one of the most exquisite unique gifts for all seasons. This kettle has an intuitive and steady pour and is designed with the precision of the Staggs pour spout. It comes with a built-in brew range thermometer to enable you to keep track while brewing. This sleekly designed kettle allows you to pour slowly and evenly with the help of the counterbalanced handle. It’s so showy. Stagg Pour Over Kettle


10.  Electric Blanket

 Christmas calls for snuggles and a good time with your loved ones. This electric blanket is one of the warmest and unique Christmas gifts ideal for anyone. It’s made of 100% polyester and it gives such a cozy snuggly feel. It’s also very soft for complete relaxation. It offers 3 heat settings while the power cord is long enough for absolute convenience. And that’s not all; it has a faux fur and can come in various shades, meaning you can pick a shade to match your favorite person’s preferences.

 Electric Blanket


A quote from “I Wrote This For You” says that “Being gifted doesn’t mean you’ve been given something. It means that you have something to give” and this list of unique gifts offers you ten ways to create amazing and relaxing experiences for your loved ones.

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