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Galaxy Projector 2.0 User Guide

How to connect to the Wi-Fi network?

Download Galaxy Lamps app from either Apple app store or Google play store depending on what device you have.

Download or scan the QR code (in the user manual on page 5) and install the Galaxy Lamps App for either iOS or Android. Once downloaded, the App will ask you to register your device. Enter your phone number or email whichever one makes your feel more comfortable and select the country you live in. If you select to use phone number, then you will receive a text with a registration code. If you chose email, you would then create a password.

Quick Mode Configuration (Recommended)

  • Make sure quick mode configuration is on:
    The indicator light should blink purple rapidly (twice per second). If it is blinking purple slowly (once every 3 seconds), press and hold the power button on the Galaxy Projector for 6 seconds until the indicator light blinks rapidly.
  • Tap the icon “+” on the top right, choose Galaxy Projector and enter into “Add Device” :
    Please remember to choose 2.4GHz Wi-Fi or else if you have chosen 5GHz Wi-Fi it will not connect.
  • Follow in-app instructions to connect Galaxy Projector to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Once connected, the App will prompt to connect. Press “Done”
  • Now you can control your Galaxy Projector through the Galaxy Lamps App.
  • Once the configuration has been completed successfully, the indicator will turn solid and the device will be added to the “Device List”.

Bluetooth Mode Configuration

  • Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth, press and hold the power button on the Galaxy Projector for 6 seconds until the indicator light blinks rapidly. Enter the add device interface. It automatically says, “Devices to be added” then press “Go to add”.
  • Enter your Wi-Fi password (Make sure it is the 2.4GHz connection and not the 5GHz or else it will not connect!) and press “Next” to add device.
  • Once connected, the app will prompt you to connect. Press “Done”

How to connect Galaxy Projector to
Amazon Alexa

  • Launch the Galaxy Lamps App, sign into your account and make sure your Galaxy Projector is on the device list.
  • Minimize the Galaxy Lamps App, then launch Alexa App and sign into your account. Make sure you have at least one Alexa smart speaker device installed like Echo Dot, etc.
  • In the upper left corner of Home page, press the button with the 3 lines in the left corner to show the APP menu. Then select the “Skills” in the menu.
  • Type in “Galaxy Lamps” in the search bar and press the search button next to it.
  • Enable Galaxy Lamps Smart Skill then sign into your Galaxy Lamps account to complete your account set up.
  • Once your account has been successfully linked, ask Alexa to discover devices. After 20 seconds of searching, Alexa will show all the available devices.

How to connect Galaxy Projector to Google Home.

  • Launch the Google Home App and make sure Google Home speaker is installed. If not, please follow Google Home speaker installation instructions to complete the installation.
  • Once Google Home is installed, in the upper left corner of the App home, pressing the top left button with the 3 lines to show the App menu. Then press “Home Control” in the menu.
  • After successfully linking your account, in the Google Home App you can see all your smart devices from your Galaxy Lamps Account
  • Now you can use Google Home to control your smart device, you can say like, “Ok Google, turn on/off wall light” or “Ok Google, set bedroom light to red”.


If you are having issues connecting your Galaxy Projector to your phone or the app then take a
look at these troubleshooting steps.

  • App not downloading or opening? Check to make sure your phone is updated to the newest software your phone can be on. Also check to see if the Galaxy Lamps App has any updates.
  • Not connecting to Wi-Fi? Make sure you are trying to connect to a 2.4GHz network compared to a 5GHz network. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices more than likely use a 2.4GHz network. 2.4GHz network has more range than 5GHz but doesn’t as strong as a signal compared to 5GHz. 5GHz is only good for being in the same room as the router, therefore it cannot go through walls and most technology is not set up for 5GHz. While many Wi-Fi devices can use the 5GHz network, the Galaxy Projector is set up for 2.4GHz only so please make sure you are running that on your device.
  • Want to check if you have 2.4GHz or 5Ghz and see what you are on? To check what network you are on, you may have to contact your service provider to check and see. Often you will have two Wi-Fi connections and one will be labelled as "5G" or "5GHZ". Or you can simply look at your router and see if it shows 2.4GHZ and/or 5GHz. To check if you are on it you may head over into your settings app on your phone and head to the Wi-Fi connection area and see which one you are connected to.
  • Don’t have Wi-Fi or a phone to connect? No worries you may not get all the features, but you can still change some of them. Press the main button once to turn it on. Press the button twice you get the laser and a blue light. Press the button three times to get a laser and red light. Press button for the fourth time to get a laser and green light. Press the button for the fifth time to get laser and colorful lights. Press button for the sixth time to get laser only. Press button for the seventh time to turn it off.
  • Configuration fails? Make sure to connect your Galaxy Projector within a short distance of your internet router. Check whether the available internet network has a frequency of 2.4GHz. Check your internet connection is stable and working properly.
  • Connection timed out? Make sure you are not far away from your router or else that can interfere with the pairing.

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