Get a $20 Gift Card

Get a $20 Gift Card from Galaxy Lamps

Just simply let us know how you love your newest Galaxy Lamp!

Post a video about how you love our Galaxy Lamps™ and tag on Facebook and Instagram, and don't forget to add the hashtag "#iheartgalaxylamps"


Here's how easy it is to claim your $20 Gift Card
1) Make a video showing off your Galaxy Lamp while explaining how much you love it.
2) Take Photos of you holding the product or using it would be great too! 
3) If you haven’t gotten your lamp yet then that’s even better because an unboxing and review video would be awesome! 
4) Finally, just post it and tag us on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag "#iheartgalaxylamps". 
Oh, and that $20 gift card we mentioned earlier?  Our Team will contact you with the gift card within 2 days.
We’re really excited to hear from you. Hope it happens soon! 
Enjoy your Galaxy Lamp!