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Based on 981 reviews
Galaxy Projector 2.0
Joshua Leviner
Our Baby Loves It!

Our newborn baby is absolutely mesmerized by her galaxy and stars. We bought it to comfort her at night and she stares in awe at her own private galaxy. I told her that we gave her more than the stars and moon; we gave her an entire galaxy lol! Starting on my dad jokes early.


this is an amazing item. Projection is amazing & so mesmerising. I did have trouble connecting to the app though, after many attempts it eventually connected

Galaxy Projector 2.0
Laura Navarro
i’m obsessed

i never want to turn this projector off, that’s how much i love it! it really sets the mood for relaxing and at night helps me fall asleep quickly. it’s also great for when i’m hanging with my friends, listening to music and chillin. sets such a good atmosphere. i am overall so happy with this purchase even if it took a little long due to stocking issues. it was worth the wait!!!!

Adds a whole different mood to the room!

I love it. The quality is so good and connects with their app easily. The app has a lot of features and I like the fact that you can pair it with Alexa. I'm yet to play around with the automations on the app but seems to offer even more features. I would highly recommend you get one.


Our son loves it. He is very interested in our planet Earth and outer space. The app is a bonus. He loves the different changing colors. Working perfectly as his nightlight and daylight.

Galaxy Lamp™
Michael Kronwell

This is my third item from Galaxy Lamps and I cannot say enough about their quality and customer service. This particular lamp has many good features and a lot of colors!!


Everything works well as I expected. It worth all the money. My only complaint that it’s not big enough. I wish it came in larger sizes.

Awesome lamp

This is the coolest night light ever. It can change colors and provides enough light for your little ones if they wake up at night.

My son and I love this lamp and its versatile lighting modes and colors. Not only is the light awesome but in my experience the customer service is also top-notch. They replied to my inquiries in a timely and professional manner and delivered greater than expected customer care.


So pretty and relaxing. Love that the stars move.

it’s amazing

oh my god! i got this for christmas and let me tell you, i love it so much. it helps me fall asleep really fast. it’s nice that i can adjust the brightness and saturation so that way it can work with how sensitive my eyes are at that time. i only have one complaint, and that is that the stars are only one color. it also helps take really sick photos. over all, i feel at peace with this lamp. it calms me and helps with my anxiety. 5/5

Great projection

Awesome product! Only thing that could make it better is if there were more colours for the stars instead of only green

The product itself is awesome...But

Their shipping method was horrible. A week late.

The product itself is awesome thou! Unlike the first one, the "Stars" rotate. And I swear theirs an occasional shooting star. Every so often at the corner of my eye ill see something shoot across my ceiling.

So much better

I liked the first version of their galaxy projector but this version is so much better. Being able to set it up and control it with your phone is so much nicer. It was a little complicated to get set up but worked perfectly once I did. There's so many more features on this this one. The timers are nice. Haven't set up the voice control yet but am super keen to test that out.

Better than I expected

I love my Galaxy Projector! The projection is beautiful and there's so many options. This is my favorite color option.

Love this thing!

I've had another star projector for a while and have liked wit but when I saw this one I knew I had to get it. The app is amazing and makes it so easy to use.

A work of art

I could not recommend this thing anymore! It's so beautiful and peaceful at night. It also has a lot more colors but this is by far my favorite.

Galaxy Projector™

This product is one of the coolest things I own. The effects are amazing and it has so many options. Super happy with it!

Galaxy Projector™
Out Of This World Crazy Cool

I wish I could upload a video. Because these pictures do it no justice at all it's a magical experience and I'm mind blown on how beautiful and calm and amazing this is. My sons in love with it for his bedroom nightlight but I also love it in the lounge as a calming mood lighting. I'm def9going to buy more of these guys with every penny🎇✨💖🥰

Was skeptical

Before buying this I was a little skeptical; Thought the concept was brilliant, but was afraid the product would be of poor quality.

I can honestly say that I'm very satisfied with the quality, there are no shortcomings; the moon is well made and the base is robust.

A good product in terms of design and material -

Nice Bedroom Lamp

It's just a really nice little piece of deco for your desk or table. Anywhere that literally needs some brightening up. Some things I learned during a blackout a few weeks ago is that the lamp portion will crash due to the magnets, but don't worry. It is more than durable enough to survive it. I found positioning the lamp portion a little tricky, but not impossible. all in all, very nice.

Very unique

In the novelty lite category (such as lava lites), this is the best thing I've ever seen. The moon lights up while levitating, powered by induction from the base. For those complaining they can't get it to levitate, it can be a little tricky. I've done it three times so far, and it took me between three and ten attempts to get it to levitate. A hint is to do it at eye level so you can see the space between the moon and the base. It levitates at about one inch, so you know to try to place it at one inch.

Galaxy Projector™
Alessia G.
Awesome in every room

This projector is spectacular! I can't keep my kids from taking it. It makes every room magical, especially if you have high ceilings. I would highly recommend getting one!

Galaxy Projector™
Worth it!

The quality is definitely there! I’m glad I chose with this projector instead of the others. The key is to place it as far as possible where you would want the projection on to get the best effect. The stars are more spread apart the farther it’s projecting from.

Very easy to use! Although I would recommend reviewing what the buttons mean from the manual because you can’t really tell what some of the buttons do without reading. Once you get the hang of controlling it, it’s easy to set the mood for the atmosphere.

Galaxy Projector™
Fun thing to turn on before sleep

Got this one for my kid and he is loving it!! I will turn it on and tell him the bed time stories, he will looking at the stars and fall to sleep by himself!
I love it too and it does make his room looks relax

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