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Galaxy Lamp™

Galaxy Lamp


There’s just something about space that recenters us and puts everything into perspective. If you’re consumed by the rat-race of life, slow things down with a must-have lifestyle accessory that turns ANY room into a NASA playground. Immerse yourself in advanced 3D technology that floods your space in world-class satellite imagery from NASA themselves. And the lamp itself? You’ll discover a highly rugged surface that feels like it’s fallen straight from the stars, glowing silently as you work, rest, or play.

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Music Sense

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Set Timers and

The Galaxy Lamp Puts YOU In Control

The one-and-only ORIGINAL Galaxy Lamp is more than a trendy device – it’s a portal into an alternate universe of raw solace and harmony. Control your Galaxy Lamp, your way, with the one device you’re never without. Your smartphone. From the colors you immerse yourself in to the soothing soundtrack you unwind in, the Galaxy Lamp is your new favorite companion in leaving the rat-race behind and letting the universe saturate your mind, body, and spirit.

Why The Galaxy Lamp?

It’s original. It’s authentic. It can’t be found anywhere else – because there’s nothing else like it. With the Galaxy Lamp in your room, you’ve got more than a boring old night light – you’ve got an intergalactic showcase of color, music, and astrological precision. The best part is that you control every part of the show, from the full RGB spectrum to your favorite music, brightness, and beyond. Orchestrate the NASA-inspired performance you want to see, and watch the magic unfold.

Out-of-This-World Benefits

Step into the minds and spacesuits of astronauts, and explore the glory of outer space without leaving the comfort of your space

Galaxy Lamp™

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Why the Galaxy Lamp?

It's perfect for any room


No alien materials of questionable origin. Ever.

Safe for the whole family

Our lamps emanate little to no heat, and aren't prone to breaking.

Chemical Free

Just like the universe, our products are pure, natural, and full of possibility.

Customer Reviews

Based on 330 reviews
Lisa S.

Our son loves it. He is very interested in our planet Earth and outer space. The app is a bonus. He loves the different changing colors. Working perfectly as his nightlight and daylight.

Michael Kronwell

This is my third item from Galaxy Lamps and I cannot say enough about their quality and customer service. This particular lamp has many good features and a lot of colors!!

Kate A.

Everything works well as I expected. It worth all the money. My only complaint that it’s not big enough. I wish it came in larger sizes.

Awesome lamp

This is the coolest night light ever. It can change colors and provides enough light for your little ones if they wake up at night.


My son and I love this lamp and its versatile lighting modes and colors. Not only is the light awesome but in my experience the customer service is also top-notch. They replied to my inquiries in a timely and professional manner and delivered greater than expected customer care.

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