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You have a partner that’s a great listener, a great encourager and checks all your boxes. This person has been there for you through thick and thin, or if it’s a young love, they make you laugh, feel warm inside and they are your best friend. You are lucky!

And now you have an occasion coming up and want to show this person just how much they mean to you. You are looking for romantic gifts that can prove just what he or she means to you.

But where do you start to look for ideas? You will most likely start thinking of what he or she likes. What’s their personality like? Are they very keen on keeping a healthy lifestyle? Are they into tech? Would a pair of cuff-links make for a romantic gift for him or would a pair of sweats be better? This process can be fun and at the same time exhausting.

Well one thing is clear though, whether the gesture is grand or humble, the perfect romantic gifts are the ones that show your affection, are heartfelt and very personal to your special other. And to help you narrow down your options, this list has put together a very unique, tasteful and wide array of romantic gifts for her or him to help you keep your special moments memorable.



Here you go!

1.     Galaxy Projector


Romantic gifts Galaxy Projector


Starting from way high up, this romantic mood setter is a futuristic device designed to create the perfect ambience for a cozy night in. It’s classy, small, but with a powerful resolution that projects real constellations in your ceiling thanks to the fact that the manufacturers of this device have used authentic NASA images to recreate the real cosmic atmosphere.

Moreover the Galaxy Projector projects exciting ocean waves and nebulae in different colors that your partner may choose as per convenience. As it is built on an RGB structure that offers endless color options.

But here is the sweet spot! It has smart integration. Your special person will only install the app from the App Store or Google Play and sync it with their smart devices. Thus they will use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control the projector via voice or through their intelligent devices. 


They will enjoy all the features of this spectacular home planetarium including picking the preferred colors, the rotation facility since this device has a 360° rotating dynamic projection, adjust brightness, set the timer and so on. 

So, for those romantic nights, they’ll just set their preferred settings, save them and set the timer and won’t have to get out of their comfort zone to change a thing.



2.     The Galaxy Lamp


Spectacular romantic gift for her Galaxy Lamp


This 3D Galaxy Lamp has been crafted using the most advanced printing technology coupled with original NASA images to provide a real whimsical galactic view. It will transform instantly any room, giving it that warm subdued feel that your special other will definitely love.

The Galaxy Lamp allows for brightness adjustment and offers 16 different color options with three lighting modes, really ideal for that romantic mood.

Plus this would make for a lovely romantic Valentine’s gift for her and will have a strong effect way after the lovers’ day celebration. For further fun and play, it comes with rechargeable batteries. It’s also really attractive to look at. The lamp itself has a stylish wooden base that adds to the whole vibe, spicing up your evenings together.


3.     Wish You Were Here! Towel from Olivia Steele

This is such a romantic gesture, leaving much more to the imagination. This towel would be great for the beach, travel as well as home. It’s an excellent romantic gift particularly for couples that are far from each other.


4.       AnnSandra Baccarat Octogone Vase

Show your affection to the love of your life with flowers and something that will last forever, like your love. This crystal vase with the shape of a jewel is stunning and has a timeless personality. So, even when the flowers go beyond their glory days, your affection as well as this vase will stay on for decades.


 Baccarat Octogone Vase



5.      Smart Nora Snoring Solution

Don’t let snores steal the romance out of your life. When you get your special person this romantic gift, you’ll actually be doing yourself a favor. Unlike many other non-snoring tricks, this one is non-invasive. 

You only need to insert it inside his or her pillow, and with the first snore, it will shift the pillow gently, interrupting the snores and allowing you to enjoy your sleep. So, if he snores and you are looking for ideas that are interesting and practical at the same time, this is a romantic gift for him. (and you too)



6.     Italic Oud Vetiver Candle

Have you been wondering where to buy romantic gifts that have a touch of luxury? Well, here is one of them, it’s chic and has a luxurious scent. It’s like using a Tom Ford but for a fraction of the cost. The dark glass vessel that has been used adds to the beauty and it’s one of the best romantic gifts for girlfriend that appreciates luxury in small doses.

Romantic gifts for girlfriend candle


7.      Bond Touch

This is one of the best romantic gifts for men who have everything. And all you need to gift him to keep you connected when you’re a distance apart. This Bond Touch comes as a pair of bracelets, one for each of you. 

How does it work? When you tap the screen the love of your life gets a vibration from their bracelet, a subtle romantic way of telling them that he is on your mind. It comes in a variety of colors that make it a really unique gift.


8.      Grand Trunk Tech Throw Travel Blanket

One of the best Valentine’s gifts for couples that aren’t always together is this throw blanket. You can get this for your girlfriend or wife to snuggle in when you’re not there to cuddle her during cold nights. It’s a beautiful puffy throw complete with feet pockets for that solid cozy feeling. It’s also large enough for both of you to cover up together.



9.     Icicles Dating Card Game

This is a good romantic gift choice for couples who are just starting their relationship. Meaning this is a perfect gift either for the man or the lady, they are a great conversation starter and they can fuel it throughout the night. 

You can pick story cards, duel cards or challenge cards. They’re absolutely fun and aim to improve your relationship no matter the distance or the stage of your relationship as you’ll always have something entertaining to talk about.



10.    Le Creuset Heart Collection

As one of the most romantic gifts for kitchen savvy partners, you’ll have scored twice when you gift this to them. It’s a premium cast iron and stoneware enameled cookware that’s available in three different shades. It’s a set of plates and cocottes and it’s a perfect way to show your partner that you appreciate greatly and believe in their cooking skills.

Creuset Heart Collection


11.    Slated Heart Slate Cheese Board

If you want to know how to be creative in gifts, dates and romantic matters, start it with a cheese board. Serve the right cheese with some wine and let the rest be history. This is a beautiful heart shaped cheese board with a slate that’s excellent for maintaining the right temperature while it serves. Plus, it comes with a cheese knife to complete the date.



12.    Perigold Aerin Shagreen Heart Picture Frame

By offering your love this picture frame, you’re simply telling them you aim to be in their mind no matter where you’ll be. It’s a beautiful memory re-igniter that comes in faux leather and would be a great addition to a desk.

Heart Picture Frame


13.    Michael Aram Heart Toasting Flute Set

Toast to another year of affection and joy with this amazing set of champagne flutes. They are a timeless romantic gift set that can always come in handy even for your small wins as a couple or as individuals. The heart accents are hand-cut, making this set even more special.


Heart Toasting Flute Set

14.    The Citizenry Nublado Wool Throw

What do you call romantic gifts that feel as good as the real things? This would be a perfect romantic gift for her; it’s so soft it would feel like a real hug. It’s hand-made from unspun wool, and it’s one of those rare objects to help strengthen the statement that she’s really special.



15.     Fantasia by DeSerio Pearly Bead and Crystal Stud Earrings

Classic pearl earrings can never go wrong, no matter the age of your lady, or the age of your relationship. These extra special earrings are made with 18k gold plated sterling silver, with a 10mm pearl stud plus pretty round crystal down at the bottom. Really elegant! And anyone who’s into fashion and style knows that this dashing pair would go with anything in the wardrobe.

Romantic gift for her Pearly Bead and Crystal Stud Earrings


16.    Personal Message Bracelet 

Valentine’s gifts can be more personal and special when they carry a personal message. This Loved One’s Handwritten Bracelet is such a romantic gift because of the hidden message it carries. And it gets more personal because the message is engraved on the inside of the bracelet and therefore hidden from the world and can only be seen by the wearer. The outside is plain beautiful leather.



17.    Massage Stones

Romantic gifts are all about taking sensuality to another level. And what better way to do that than with these natural stones? During a massage, these stones boost blood circulation and sooth any aches or pains or even tension areas. This is excellent for romantic persons who aim to help their S.O. feel good in any way possible.



18.     Funny Pillow

Get fun and naughty in a subtle way! This is one of the funniest romantic gifts for married couples, especially if they’ve been together for a good long while. It’s a fun pair of pillows with one side written “tonight” and the other side “not tonight”. So, since human beings don’t have the mind reading power, let the pillow talk on your behalf.


 Funny Pillow


19.    Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

This is romantic on so many levels. Your significant other will be happy to listen to their favorite song or a song that reminds them of you or a special occasion and so on. It has a massive 20 hour battery life and uses patented noise-cancelling technology so they get to enjoy their podcasts or music or even audiobooks without distraction.



20.    Ugg Olsen Moccasin Slipper

These Olsen slippers by Ugg are just the perfect way to cozy up your love as they are one of the most comfortable Valentine’s Day gifts. They’re made from a combo of suede and soft shearling lining and moccasin tie at the front to make irresistible footwear just for him.



21.     One In A Million Rose in Black Hexagon Box

Roses are red and these ones in this box can last ages without changing a bit. They don’t fade, and are a perfect romantic gift idea for your lovely lady who has stayed as loving and beautiful through the years. Go treat her with this gorgeous piece. Your gift will be long remembered. 


 One In A Million Rose in Black Hexagon Box

22.    Meet Me in Paris Sheer Robe

Treat the love of your life with this luxurious floor-touching robe made of satin, chiffon and French lace. Every queen deserves a little romantic luxury. Yours too!



23.    Jessica Simpson Plush Marshmallow House Slipper

The ladies won’t be left behind as far as feet coziness is concerned. These soft and fuzzy slippers by Jessica Simpson are quite a romantic gift statement. You have a whole 11 colors to choose from, so, go get her something soft for her precious feet.



24.    Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment

Every girl no matter the age wants to keep soft and supple lips. After all, you like them looking good and feeling soft, don’t you? Get her this Sugar tinted lip treatment that will leave her lips looking glamorous just as they should.


 Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment


25.    Premium Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

This romantic gift set is really a great choice for anyone. The four stainless steel wine tumblers are 18-ounce each, they are tip-resistant and also breakable. These are great for a loved person that loves to host because they’re stunning and give a bold statement, just like your love.



26.     Le Labo Classic Fragrance Discovery Set

This set comes in a branded gift box and thus the romantic package has been done half-way for you. It’s a Nordstrom exclusive that includes Santal 33 among other fancy fragrance and would make for a perfect romantic gift for her.



27.     The Original Worm

This is another great romantic gift for men who have everything. It combines the benefits of foam rollers and therapy balls into one fine looking massage tool that’s also portable. It will help ease his aches and pain acquired from long meetings or long flights. Go ahead and sooth him with this.



28.     Oura Ring

An ideal gift for your S.O. that’s keen about their health. It tracks and records data using the sleeping hours, waking hours and so on as an activity and readiness tracker. It connects to Apple Health as well as Google Fit. It also measures the body temperature which is a good thing to keep track of his/her health.

 Oura Ring romantic gifts for him



29.    Dose of Roses Burgundy Rose Bear

A bear that’s not for cuddling, yet it’s more beautiful than the cuddly ones. It’s 14 inches high and would make for a great décor item on a table, a book shelf, a couch and so on. It’s better than a regular bouquet because it lasts a lifetime, just like your love. It also offers other colors if burgundy is too dull for you. Make a strong statement of your love with this romantic gift for her.


Burgundy Rose Bear



30.    iTeknic Heated Blanket Electric Throw

Warm blankets are never enough, and they’re always so suggestive, just the perfect romantic gift that keeps giving. 



31.    Makeup Mirror with Lights

A mirror that wouldn’t require you to stand near the window, which girl wouldn’t love this? Show her that you care for what she cares about too with this self-sufficient mirror. Help her have a spectacular appearance each time effortlessly.


Makeup Mirror with Lights

32.    Baxter of California Skin Refresh Duo for Men

Ladies aren’t the only ones concerned about self-care, men are too, and this pack is one of the best romantic gifts for him to usher him into the skin care regime.  Enchant him this wash and moisturize pair from Baxter.


33.    Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame

Keep the spirits of your wife or husband high with a smart photo frame. The beauty of this frame is that you can send them fresh videos or photos any time.



34.   The Sill Norfolk Island Pine

This beautiful pine tree is native to Norfolk Island off the coast of New Zealand. With these kinds of romantic gifts, your partner will know that you can walk to great heights and sail thousands of miles to bring them happiness.



35.     A Mini Fire Pit

Great romantic gifts reignite the fire of love. Renew your flame, literally, with this cozy mood setting personal fire pit. How original!


 A Mini Fire Pit


36.    A Lingerie Romper

If you know what your lady likes, then perhaps you know that this would make for an excellent romantic gift, it’s comfy and so sexy she’ll not wait to slip into one.


37.    Loungewear for Him and Her

How about something for both of you to make the moment even more special? They’re breathable and lightweight; you can also switch the sets to something that suits you both more.


38.   Boozy Candy

One of the most romantic Valentine's gifts for her might be this set that comes with Sugarfina candies with a mini pretty little bottle of Codigo tequila.

Boozy Candy

39.   Pendleton Plaid Scarf

Something soft and classic for your man is always welcome. 100% wool with fringe at the ends gives a retro vibe that would look good on any man.


40.    Kiehl's Facial Favorites for All Set

Help your man get ready with a new skin care regime that’s hard to resist. It has a cleansing masque and a face cream, simple but important for the forward male that cares for the skin. It’s a romantic gift that you can help him around with.



41.   Sonos Move

Does your special someone have the moves like a jagger? Then this wireless, drop resistant and waterproof speaker is his move companion. Let him keep to the beats with this Sono Move wherever he goes.


42.    Turquaz Linen Lightweight Waffle Kimono

Romantic gifts that can make your partner feel even sexier are just what the doctor ordered. This waffle kimono is lightweight, very absorbable and with a sexy waffle texture. Let her feel like she just stepped out of the spa. Plus choose her favorite color for the kimono.



43.    'Twinkle' Star Hair Clips

Make her feel a little festive with these hair clips that would be great for a dinner out, a party or a night at the club. Plus you can even help her clip them, just never lose a chance to show romance.



44.     Adare Manor Afternoon Tea "Until We Meet Again" Hamper

This is from a luxurious hotel in Ireland, so if you can’t visit the place, you can bring her the experience at home with this hamper.


 Tea Until We Meet Again Hamper


45.     Rahua Palo Santo Incense Sticks 

This would make for an excellent Valentine’s gift for a partner who is fond of incense. But even without that aspect, this is a natural insect repellant with a potential antibacterial effect. She would most probably love this if she’s into meditation and earthy calming fragrances.



46.     LuDela’s Gen 2 Remote-Controlled Candle

Still on small pleasures, this is one of the most spectacular romantic gifts you’ve seen yet. It has a 1.5 inch real flame that can stay up to 50 hours. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts months and the flame is instantly lit via a remote control. If you didn’t know what to get your better half, now you do.


47.     Theragun Elite

Motivate your man to keep working out with this equipment that is ideal for pre and post workout to help with recovery. It comes with multiple attachments for different muscles intensity. He will know that you care and support his fitness journey.


48.      An Electric Wine Bottle Opener

This is an ideal romantic gift for anyone. Especially anyone that has had terrible experiences opening wine bottles in the past. Save them the trouble and let the bottles keep popping.

 Electric Wine Bottle Opener


49.     SPIbelt Large Pocket Running Belt

This running belt is perfect for either men or women and would therefore be ideal Valentine gifts to enable your special person to enjoy their outdoor activities without losing their phones, keys, wallets or other essentials.


50.      Williams Sonoma Sphere Ice Molds, Set of 2

We sum up this unique romantic gifts list with a cool set. If you love fixing great cocktails for your special other, then this will make the experience even more inviting and romantic. This equipment makes cool ice cubes that chill your cocktail evenly without getting it diluted.

 Sphere Ice Molds, Set of 2




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