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A living space feels more homely when you make the surrounding reflect your personality. From the hacks you use to create the illusion of an expansive space to the pieces you use to accessorize, everything you do should all be about making that space a mirror of your style rather than a random page out of a catalogue. 

Interesting home décor ideas should help you celebrate your individual spirit through the expression of your own style while balancing aesthetic and functionality.


This article is all about that. It offers you stunning and unique home décor ideas to explore. They involve elevating your living space with the use of some bold designs, more color and texture. It doesn’t matter if your style is retro Champagne and your budget is for a beer can, the home décor ideas listed below will transform your home to look more elegant at an affordable cost.


1.       Outlandish Lighting - The Moon Lamp

A few things are more beautiful than gazing at the full moon. And these moon lamps have been created to let you enjoy this magnificence from the comfort of your own home. They illuminate the most alluring color pallets you’ve ever seen. And be convinced, your traditional lamps are most likely unable to  provide such a soft and relaxing mood lighting that’s an absolute vibe, as these moon lamps do.

The real moon isn’t tied on a leash, so why shouldn’t yours float freely too? 

Some of the best in the market, the Moon Lamp and the Levitating Moon Lamp are just what you need to bring that accent lighting. You can opt for one with a charming wooden stand, they’re just different versions of the same product, therefore quality is guaranteed.


This specific market leader brand has fused authentic NASA satellite images with advanced 3D technology to accurately create the moon replica. Displaying the actual surface texture complete with craters, when it's not diffusing silently the light during night, it’s a stunning decor object. 

These lamps offer more than one color; you can pick the color that matches your mood to accentuate the vibes that you want to create. Plus, they use wireless power transfer so you won’t have to worry about cables. An obvious reason why they’re one of the most chic home décor ideas is their out of this world appearance and their excellent functionality.


Home Decor ideas Levitating Moon Lamp


2.      The Perfect Dining Area Lighting

This important spot is the least remembered place because most living spaces may not even have a dining area and also because often, more focus is given to the kitchen and the living room. However, it doesn’t matter if yours is a breakfast nook, a countertop or a complete fine dining room. The thing is wherever you can scarf-down that sumptuous meal, then you might as well ensure it’s inviting and well stocked.

No matter the size of your table, no dining area is complete without good lighting. And while it’s true for most people that your dining area can often be skipped for other functions such as working, consider having a light fixture that will serve all your purposes right. For instance, this Sun Pendant lighting can give you a soft ambient light right above your dining table but still provide enough light for the rest of your space. It’s also a beautiful piece to add and brings in a touch of elegance.


Home decor ideas for living room sun pendant

Source: Lumens



3.      The Bathroom Étagère

Sprawling posh bathrooms with floor to ceiling marble tiles may be out of reach for most people, but this doesn’t mean yours can’t be deluxe no matter the walls or size. Doing many renovations might also be costly, or your current dwelling might be rented and you may not want to put in too much of your money.

With that said, there are several home décor ideas and accents that can lift your bathroom from boring to polished with the least effort. One sure way to achieve this is by use of an Étagère.

This is a sturdy shelving unit made of steel and aluminum with a beveled tempered glass. It’s a shiny and chic piece of art that’s excellent for showing off your self-care grooming products, towels and even small accents such as flowers or candles. It’s perfect for any floor because it comes with adjustable feet to be able to remain even and keep your items looking perfect.

An étagère is what you need to enhance your bathroom décor while keeping your items in one place.


Home decor ideas etagere1

Source: Frontgate



4.      An Inlay Desk

An inlay desk can create such a rich design by adding instant luxury to any home. You can pick either a neutral color piece or a bold patterned inlay like the ones from Optical collection. Without any doubt, they would make for an automatic conversation starter.

An optical inlay is one of the best home office décor ideas because it’s glamorous and creates for your space that luxury effect no matter how minimal or fade the rest of your furniture is. It can be the one place you’re happy to be chained to. The bone inlay places the brass hex hue in an intricate manner that brings an artful aspect to play. It’s functional, petite and full of glam to accentuate your living space.

And if you don’t want to use it as a desk, it’s versatile enough and can be used as a console table to add to your home décor ideas for living room. Or simply install it in your entrance way as the showstopper.


Home decor

Source: Antropologie



5.      Metallic Accents

Metallic tones have made a comeback to block with the mattes. Cool tones such as silver and steel create a modern look while the warmer metallic tones such as rose gold, brass or bronze create that inviting and flattering feel in any living space. And when you combine these warm and refreshing tones, you create a unique rawness that cannot go unnoticed.

Metallic accents are among the top home décor ideas because of the subtle glamour they infuse into the hosting environment. Even in a minimalist space, they have a way of drawing attention and show a daring attitude.


There are many ways of incorporating metallic accents for your home décor ideas. You can use them as countertops, sinks, bathrooms and kitchen faucets, hardware pulls, decorative vases, bowls or even candlesticks. Metallic accents will always pop beautifully against most colored walls.


Metallic accents home office decor ideas

Source: Wayfair



6.      The Perfect Shelfie

How about a home décor idea that doesn’t require any reno or purchases? You can rearrange your bookshelf by incorporating more than books. You can include decorative pieces, plants, art or ceramics to create a whole new atmosphere into your living space. You can turn a boring bookshelf into an interesting focal point of your entire space.

This would work whether your shelf is built in or floating, no matter the room. (Psss, can you imagine this Levitating Moon Lamp placed carefully on a floating shelf? Absolute heaven!) Fill it with your personal favorite décor items together with the books for it to offer a striking visual appeal.

Another reason why shelving is one of the top home décor ideas is the fact that it’s functional beyond the aesthetics. You can customize it to suit your décor and storage needs at the same time. For instance, you might love plants, you can layer it up to bring out the vertical garden look, meanwhile if you have children, you can keep the sensitive décor up the shelf while you can keep their toy basket in the lower shelves. This is another versatile chic home décor idea that can offer so much simultaneously.


Beautiful shelfie

Source: Modsy



7.      The Modern Country House

Country home décor ideas are a growing trend that keeps reinventing itself. And each time it’s bolder than before. Today it’s more about combining urban chic with the retro laid back to embody a stylish livable vibe.

So, how can you achieve this?

Simple, combine modern millennial design elements with the aesthetic of a relaxed country house. You know, the traditional country house drew its inspiration from the actual barn, so it was rural but cozy with decorative elements mainly depicting farm life. But, the modern country house is brighter with contemporary décor elements but still carrying that comfy vibe.


For you, this simply means using a healthy dose of natural textures such as leather, linen, natural wood, stone and so on. Use this on furniture, on walls, on flooring  and so forth. Then balance this with a perfect combination of modern materials such as velvet, brass or glass to create that urban edge to the soft country elements. 

For example, for the floor, you can use a colorful traditional rug to add on some warmth and a vintage flair, then raise the bar by glamming it up with this Galaxy Lamp to add that mystical enchanting look. It comes with 3 different enchanting lighting modes and 16 beautiful colors to blend with your theme colors. The possibilities are virtually endless.


Modern Country House

Source: Modsy

Take Home

There are many chic home décor ideas to style your space, you only need to balance function with aesthetic. And the secret is in the details, whether your living space is large or small, you need to get the lighting and storage right. You are spoilt for choice with the type of lighting to use especially with the Galaxy Lamp. Personalize your space and use your ideal decorative accents to complete it with your uniqueness.


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