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It’s right above us and close enough to visit. And you can see it daily in its different forms, yet, it never ceases to mesmerize and capture your breath whenever you see it. Our obsession with it has never waned. It’s the levitating moon. The full moon is the most outstanding sight in the Earth’s night sky and it tells an enchanting and remarkable story. Even when you observe it with your naked eye or bring it home in the form of a stunning Levitating Moon Lamp.

You may not have the chance to go to space and experience its magic live. But you can bring a piece of space right into your home, if you ever dreamt of touching it, now you can, through this elegant Levitating Moon Lamp.

Ever wondered why you get to see the same face of the moon from the earth? 

Well, it’s because the moon is also spinning on its axis at the exact speed that it's rotating around the earth. In other words, it executes a synchronized rotation with the Earth. 



How the Humanity Arrived to Discover More Details About the Moon 

Thomas Harriot was the first person to observe the moon with a telescope. However it was Galileo Galilei who noticed features such as the valleys and the mountains and craters on the moon’s surface. He discovered that the dark areas were lower and much smoother. He named these Maria, which is Latin name for seas. The brighter areas were higher or highlands.



Source: Pixabay 



Interesting Facts About the Moon

The Origin of the Moon

The leading theory about the constitution of the moon says that a body having the size of Mars collided with Earth about 4.5 billion years ago resulting in debris that clustered together forming the moon in a molten state. Over another 100 million years this magma ocean crystalized forming our gorgeous moon as we see it today.



The Moon’s Terrain

The impact during the formation of the moon created basins and mountains and craters and many other features. Some of them are visible even with your naked eyes. 

The light and dark zones represent rocks such as basalt, and other rocks of different age and material. These suggest different times of crystallization of the magma ocean. You get to see these craters which have been captured beautifully in the Levitating Moon Lamp plus some other details that you can’t notice with your naked eyes.

Galaxy Levitating moon lamp 


The Moon Doesn’t Have an Atmosphere

This means it has extreme temperature variations and is unprotected from solar winds, meteorites and even cosmic rays. Also, it means that the sky is always dark from the moon and no sound can be heard. Hence, the 3D moon lamp is the greatest mood setter and has a way of bringing just the right atmosphere in your home.



It’s the Fifth Largest Natural Satellite

In our solar system, our luna is the 5th largest natural satellite but much smaller compared to major moons such as those of Saturn or Jupiter.


It’s Shaped Like an Egg or Lemon

This is beyond fascination and it might throw your imagination off a bit. Even if from earth, you get to see it as a perfect circle, in reality, it’s more oval shaped thanks to the gravitational pull from earth. It’s believed to be the main reason why the moon has that oblong shape.

 With that said, the Galaxy Lamp’s Levitating Moon Lamp is just as you know the moon to be. A beautiful round orb that’s always glowing.



Our Moon Has Moonquakes

The gravitational pull from Earth seems to be producing quakes on the moon. Astronauts have used seismographs and recorded moon quakes that aren’t too large occurring a few kilometers beneath the surface. They’re not too big but they’re enough to create cracks and ruptures on the moon’s surface. Scientists are inclined to think that the moon has a molten core just like the Earth has.

The moon’s crust has a crust of about 50 kilometers thick!


The Moon Contributes to the Earth’s Movement as Well as the Tides

You probably already know that the moon plays a role in causing the ocean tides; however, it does more than that. With each orbit around the Earth, it makes a rise and fall of water as well as a tide of rocks to move up and down. 

However with the rocks the motion is not as dramatic as is with the ocean tides. Still this causes the Earth to move a few centimeters with each tide.



There is Evidence of Water on the Moon

Ice has been discovered trapped within the minerals dust on the moon. And unlike former detections of water just below the surface, the latest discovery shows that ice exists even on the moon’s surface, shielded in the shadows cast over by craters near the poles. 

And therefore because sunlight does not reach these parts because of the slight tilt of the moon’s rotational axis, this water stays frozen as ice at approximately - 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

It has been confirmed that the moon’s South Pole gathers the majority of these patches with water as it exists among dirty lunar regolith.


Levitating Moon Lamp

What Other Fun Facts Make the Moon Fascinating?

Shadows Are Darker on the Moon Compared to Earth

Remember the moon has no atmosphere? As such there is nothing to scatter the light, making the shadows darker. It’s one of the first things astronauts observed upon landing on the moon. 

Here is something to go try out on a sunny day:

Whenever you see your shadow, isn’t it possible to still see the surface upon which it’s cast? If it’s grass, you’ll still see it very clearly. This, as explained by NASA, is because there is more light coming from the sky, the Earth’s atmosphere scatters the light in all directions and some of this light is cast on your shadow and thereby enabling you to still see the surface.

If there was no atmosphere and sky, your shadow would be very dark, and this is how it is on the moon.


The Lunar Orb Is International Property

Forget that Americans have planted their flag on the moon. This gorgeous levitating stunner belongs to the world. A treaty between the then Soviet Union and America was signed declaring that the moon was a global common good and that all resources discovered from there should be used for the global good.

So, how do you feel as one of the owners of this common property? It starts by getting yourself a moon of your own and this is possible thanks to a group of smart designers at Galaxy Lamps that sat down and came up with an out of this world lamp for you to take the moon experience home. The LED Levitating Moon Lamp is your piece of space within your own space.



The LED Levitating Moon Lamp

One of mankind’s main landmark events, no matter whom or where they are, was marked by the first moon landing. It not only marked a major science advancement, it showed just how creative and intelligent humans can be.

Now picture taking a giant leap today, and lift up your home space to the next level with this mesmerizing Levitating Moon Lamp

This is modern day science through design.

Similar to  the moon that can be considered a gorgeous lamp for the entire planet earth displaying a mesmerizing charm that changes the whole atmosphere, this brilliant Levitating Moon Lamp majestically does the same for your home. No matter where you place it.

As a symbol of mystery, elegance, love and beauty, the moon is relished by people all over. And you can make any night perfect by merely having this 3D moon lamp’s presence in your home. This magnetic levitating moon lamp can transform your home into a spellbinding replica of the night skies.


Levitating moon lamp

Galaxy Lamps’ Levitating moon lamp has been designed to enrich your life and uplift your space. And just like the moon, it floats mid-air, lights up and quietly rotates with so much grace!

This 3D moon lamp has been designed with its own internal lighting system through the LED and also an internal battery. It levitates above an elegant bespoke base. And here is the thing you’ve been waiting for, it flaunts the other hidden dark side of the moon that never gets to be seen from Earth.

Thanks to the authentic high resolution NASA imagery used. Plus the advanced 3D printing technology used to give it the impressive real moon texture including the Maria, the craters and every little detail that you may miss with your naked eye. This levitating moon lamp has captured it all.


Galaxy Lamps, the creators of the Levitating Moon Lamp have creatively used the power of hidden magnets as the invisible force that pushes it upwards. And holds this moon a few inches above the base, allowing it to levitate as the true anti-gravitational celestial self, just like our satellite.

Another cool feature is the contactless wireless charging technology. This not only adds to the magical quality, it allows you to use this stunning 3D moon lamp anywhere you like. And the easy ON/OFF touch button adds to the elegance.

The levitating moon lamp emits a soft and warm white glow that highlights the overlaying moon details even as it creates such a calm and tranquil atmosphere. And as if that isn’t enough, 100% eco-friendly chemical free ABS material was used. The base is wooden and therefore the whole lamp is safe for use because it has zero toxic elements.



Why Is This Levitating Moon Lamp More Special?

    •           It’s an attractive lamp that doubles up as a decorative piece thanks to its cool and unique concept. It’s ideal for your home, office, a guest house or any space you will want to have elegant visual effects.
    •           It offers a perfect 360° glow. You will experience zero glaring, making it perfect for reading nooks,  for bedtime light or even  kids’ nursery or bedroom.
    •           It’s an excellent gift for anyone irrespective of age. And it can be an any day kind of gift - great for a birthday gift, a Valentine’s day gift, a Mother’s Day gift, a Christmas gift or any day that you might want to treat your loved one.
    •           It’s such a mood setter. It enhances a cozy laid back atmosphere that’s ideal for dinner, conversations or just kicking back and reflecting. It really is just like the real moon.
    •           It shows you the other side of the moon that’s not visible from Earth. If that’s not the coolest thing then what is?




      Almost everyone has a weak spot for the moon, that’s no news.  And as life can get a little bit crazy due to work or responsibilities, it’s easy to forget to pause and appreciate the wonders of the natural environment with its inner ability to calm you down. 

      Just outside the window, there is a stunning beauty that can help you unwind. But if you can’t see it, don’t worry. The LED Levitating moon lamp can offer you the same tranquility and natural therapy that you would get from our lunar satellite, but right from inside your home, no matter the weather.

      Go bring your moon home and experience its magic within the comfort of your space.

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